Zeitgeist: A Documentary That Attepmts to Refute a Lie, With a Lie

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Zeitgeist: A Documentary That Attepmts to Refute a Lie, With a Lie

Zeitgeist(created by Peter Joseph) is simply put, wrong in ALMOST every claim it makes, but like any good conspiracy theory "(It) combines a few facts, focus on correlations and builds an intriguing story that seems to fit the pieces together nicely - provided you don't actually dig below the surface to find out where they might have gone wrong"- Matt Dillahunty. .

The popularity of this documentary can be attributed to two factors, conformation bias and uncritical acceptance To avoid a perception that this is all a product of my own opinion I will bring in external sources, while I prefer to construct my own arguments I feel this is necessary.

The Greatest Story Ever Garbled
by Tim Callahan Religious Editor at Skeptic Magazine -http://www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/09-02-25/

The unofficial Atheist Experience response to Zeitgeist- http://atheistexperience.blogspot.com/2008/12/unofficial-atheist-experie...

Dr. Chris Forbes Senior Lecturer in Ancient History, and Deputy Chairman of the Society for the Study of Early Christianity.
Refutation of Zeitgeist- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-2HBSfPZpU

Zeitgeist Companion Guide- http://skepticproject.com/articles/zeitgeist/companion-guide/

What Skepticism Reveals about Science (Scientific American)
by Michal Shermer -https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-skepticism-reveals/

Refuting Zeitgeist the Movie - Mark Foreman, PhD Professor of Philosophy & Religion at Liberty University,-

Web Skeptic Zeitgeist - Part 1: The Greatest Story ever told -http://webskeptic.wikidot.com/zeitgeist-story-of-jesus

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Yeah, it is totally

Yeah, it is totally ridiculously. I've seen them. A bunch of crazy shit about

  • religion being a conspiracy
  • 9-11 attacking being an inside job (that the US government was behind them)
  • that the US income tax is illegal

Well at least the last one is half right; it was ruled unconstitutional in 1895, that is why they passed a constitutional amendment (the 16th to make it constitutional). They always seem to leave that part out; I guess because it isn't as sensational if you include that.

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Indeed, I avoided going

Indeed, I avoided going beyond the religious aspect of the documentary because everything else has conspiracy written all over it and I doubt anyone here actually accepts them as true. But I have noticed (without mentioning any names) individuals on here who do propagate the idea that Jesus is either a rehash of egyptian mythology or a rehash of a sun God narrative. I almost included the Christ myth theory but decided that was off topic so I left it out. It's a tricky subject for me because my opinion is that he is a myth but the majority of scholarly opinion is that he most likely existed. So It's an area where I have trouble squaring the circle of my opinion, of which I posses no credibility in this field, vs those who DO in fact have credibility and their opinions.

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