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about inbox msg's

if you don't mind me asking a favor

would you put something like a notification that there's a message on our inbox?
so that we can reply immediately if ever there is?

thank you so much in advance...

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@Qu@si : You should see a

@Qu@si : You should see a notification next to your inbox icon and an email notification if you have checked that option in your profile.

Added: make sure you have enabled your private message function in your profile also.

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Also, your user name is what

Also, your user name is what the PM system uses. Folks cannot see what that is. If your display name is different, people will be unable to PM you even if you have enabled PMs.

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yeah i was thinking maybe you

yeah i was thinking maybe you'd consider an exclamation point icon or a star symbol on the top of the inbox icon?

if not it's ok..i'll just check my inbox from time to time...


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a mark on the inbox icon

a mark on the inbox icon would be nice! All I can say is by posting your idea here, it MIGHT someday get added.

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