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Auto correct?

At risk of exposing my true text does not seem to be correcting my atrociass spelling errors. ??? Not sure why???

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That sounds like a problem on

That sounds like a problem on your end; but I might be able to help. What browser (internet explorer, firefox, chrome, etc) and platform (pc, mac, iphone, android, etc) are you using?

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I checked chrome for issues,

I checked chrome for issues, and updated...may be a immergent issue on my PC? Not sure. Thanks Nyar.

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You were right Nyar..

You were right Nyar...resolved. Thank you. God forbid...I should have figured out that the almighty AR would never allow such an error.

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cool! Yeah spell checking is

cool! Yeah spell checking is typically provided by the browser you are using (at least when filling out simple forms on websites, which is how we post here). Glad you got it fixed!

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