Avatar Upload Not Working

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Avatar Upload Not Working

I cannot change my Avatar Picture.

Do not ask me. See the image.

Although error says to make sure I supplied the correct filename...

I do. Something is wrong on y'all's end.

Additionally, when starting a new topic, the image attach feature is non-existent and I have to make a second post in order to attach an image. Thus, see image attached to second post in this thread.

Thanks, Nyar


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Well damn. Avatar did change

Well damn. Avatar did change. Huh?

What the hell?

See attached image.


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Yep. Something wrong on y

Yep. Something wrong on y'all's end. Pictures upload fine, but an error is still generated for some reason.



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Hi arakish, had the same

Hi arakish, had the same problem with the same error message 2 days ago. I think it just takes some time for the site to update properly.

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Ive known about the delay in

Ive known about the delay in updating. It is just that if it is done properly, there should be no error message. Before joining, I was a lurker reading all I could find about AR. Then when I joined, I spent another solid week reading all I could find. That is just the way I am. Find the feel of the place before just jumping in. I mean, even for a guy from North Carolina, the normal temperature here of 15,218°C can be a bit daunting. ;-)

Thanks for the info in letting me know.


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The truth is, the forum

The truth is, the forum software is in pretty bad shape. I don't think this comes as a surprise to anyone who has been here long. Also, do to recent organizational changes, CyberLN and myself are basically running adrift; with little/no support or guidance from above, with only the access we inherited from before the organizational changes (which isn't much, not enough to address this error you are receiving). I sure hope the situation will change soon, but I have no idea when.

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@ Nyarlathotep

@ Nyarlathotep

Almost sounds like y'all need some help. Not that I am volunteering since I do not understand forum software that much. I can use it, but that is about it. However, due to some programming experience, I can usually figure things out, but it takes me a lot longer now than it use to. Of course, once I learn it, especially after being hand-held for quite some time, I'm usually fairly decent.

Hope y'all can get some help.

I would volunteer, but I do not think I have been here long enough.


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Updating to the latest and

Updating to the latest and greatest forum software is NOT cheap. Plus updates tend to break things, especially when it comes to forum/boards. There are wonderful message board/forum setups out there that can solve a whole host of problems these boards have, but ones that can handle this workload smoothly + the attacks this site receives I would guess run at least 100 bucks a month.

And plus there are assholes like me that block any and all advertising, so what little ad revenue the forums generate continuously drops down towards zero.

I do make small donations from time to time to help offset this, but I figure it would be rude to try and "earmark" said funds for the forums only. Plus with all my experience in cyber security, anonymity is something I highly value, as no organization can be trusted to safeguard your privacy better than one person can safeguard their own.

Of course nothing much can be done at all if the owner of atheistrepublic.com is MIA for its forum section.

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Should I draw my own picture

Should I draw my own picture and make my Avatar ? a really cool idea.

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I'm going to assume that my

I'm going to assume that my avatar isn't working as well. Though it does show up on my profile edit page there is also an error popup.

[Edit] No. It's working.

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[quote]How do you quote on

[quote]How do you quote on this forum?[/quote]

How do you quote on this forum?

Got it. Blockquote tag.

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test https://www

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