Character assassination:

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Character assassination:

Wish to report any person that uses Character assassination to make his argument more appealing.



Taking a conclusion about a different argument out of context:

"You cannot however remove from these pages one of your own claiming he would rape his own child."

Whole post (50)"
"Well there is the difference between ignorance and knowledge. You seem to be very ignorant of the bible and it's message, confusing it with what some corrupt people might do,. You cannot however remove from these pages one of your own claiming he would rape his own child.
So... you haven't answered anything either. Do you say child rape is ALWAYS WRONG, or do you agree with your peers that sometimes it is ok, or possibly even "good"?

He is referring to my post in a different topic to somehow validate more his claim in this argument against Harris.

The question was simple if you have only 2 options to kill your own son or to rape him what would you choose?
He chose not to answer or die and end up killing him anyway.
He instead asked me to answer it first and my answer was:

"As I said, my dignity and my child's dignity is less important then his life.

If there was any good options available I would try it but the question was simple, There was no other option.
Unlike you, I would not risk the life of my child just because of some skin touching with each other.

That would be killing him myself since I knew he would die from start.

You just showed me that you would rather kill your own child instead of rape him."

In no way does this mean:

"You cannot however remove from these pages one of your own claiming he would rape his own child."

I think that this kind of dirty character assassination is not allowed in a public forum and if someone wants to accuse someone of saying something he must quote and not just accuse or changing the words used.

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Yeah! Fuck Tsun Tsu!

Yeah! Fuck Tsun Tsu!

He's a troll.

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Tsun Tsu has been removed.

Tsun Tsu has been removed.

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Thanks Ellie

Thanks Ellie
He was not really interested in discussing anything anyway.

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Eric T: I would like to

Eric T: I would like to complain on ex-christian_atheist’s behalf. I find the personal attack on her disrespectful and obscene. She is a very nice and intelligent young woman and I do not think this kind of sexual insinuation should be tolerated. This is way over the line.

Eric T

"Why would I want an afterlife?"

Perhaps you prefer death and eventual non-existence.

Sounds like you'll fit in just fine over at the COS lol.

Seriously though, the true irony is that despite your lack of belief and immature way, you seem to be desperately searching for some meaning in your life and a better Way.

If so, I would go elsewhere. That Church will chew up your soul and spit out the remains before you even know what is happening.

And if you really care for your husband like you say you do, you won't prostitute yourself to such a thing.

Eventually you will attract multiple sex partners and so will he, which will destroy your marriage and cause him to despise you.

As always, it is your choice

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ImFree I agree with you that

ImFree I agree with you that those are horrible and unsupported claims that he shouldb't have said without supporting them with evidence.

I do not see that as character assassination though, since everybody was there to watch the event of the unsupported claims and get what really was happening.

Character assassination is when some spreads rumors about your character to try and ridicule you arguments or you as a person behind your back.

THough you should start a new topic on this.



Unsupported claims that result as insults from posters.

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In my oppinion he was

In my oppinion he was definitly over the line, but she really scolded him for it. :)
It will be interesting to see if he is man enough to apologise.

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Typical of the misogynistic

Typical of the misogynistic mindset Christianity promotes. I’m not surprised at all.

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"misogynistic", that is the

"misogynistic", that is the word I was looking for in my reply to him... Doh!

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I said to myself:

I said to myself:

Owwwccc, did he really call her a prostitute? lol

Fortunately for both of them he wasn't close to her when she was reading it lol.

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Haha. To be continued...

Haha. To be continued...

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Salvo eventually joins the

Salvo eventually joins the group of Syndicate planets, much to the dismay of Fuse’s friend, who grew up revering the aforementioned freedom fighters. Right then, Fuse walks up and announces that he’s leaving Salvo for the Apex Games. He proposes a truce, but she’s frustrated and angry — and starts a fight. At the end of their tussle, Chekov’s grenade goes off, and Fuse awakens to find his right arm blown off.

Data miners have previously uncovered files that suggest Fuse has a tactical ability called Airburst Grenade, in which he can use a launcher on his mechanical right arm to fire a grenade, and an ultimate ability known as The Motherlode, which allows him to use a cannon on his back to launch a missile that leaves flames in its wake. There’s no information yet on his passive ability.

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Respawn introduced Apex

Respawn introduced Apex Legends players to Fuse with a new Stories from the Outlands short on Monday. The four-minute video tells the tale of Fuse’s love affair with explosives, which dates back to a childhood episode in which he and his best friend uncovered “a bloody beautiful grenade” that once belonged to the freedom fighters on their home planet, Salvo. Fuse and his pal go on all kinds of adventures together — to the tune of an ’80s hair metal-esque song — but their relationship begins to fracture when the Australian-accented macho man enters combat in Salvo’s fighting pits.That was the main

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The four-minute video tells

The four-minute video tells the tale of Fuse’s love affair with explosives, which dates back to a childhood episode in which he and his best friend uncovered “a bloody beautiful grenade” that once belonged to the freedom fighters on their home planet, Salvo for free.

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Collect any relevant evidence

Collect any relevant evidence that clearly demonstrates instances of character assassination. This can include screenshots, transcripts, or recordings of the person's statements or actions.

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This assassination is scary

This assassination is scary 2048 game

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