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@ Fishy

@ Fishy

In Moslem countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bangladesh, Pakistan. Malaysia; atheists are actively hunted in person and online. The have special cyber units that only hunt 'blasphemers and apostates'. Atheist sites, facebook, other social media are the target for these cyber units and hackers to obtain personal details. Then, if uncovered, atheists are either flogged, publicly humiliated, executed by mobs while the police stand by watching, or in Malaysia hunted by the religious police and "disappeared".
In 'civilised" countries such as Australia, Canada and the UK, France and Germany, apostates are hunted on and offline, abused, have death threats and beatings, Their families are at risk but in these countries, at least, the police spend some time tracking the offenders down. In many European former communist countries the cops just shrug and turn their backs.

If I was a resident of those theocratic countries I would be shitting bricks and surrounding myself with TOR over VPN and any other security device before visiting any atheistic site. They are brave people, do not minimise their courage.

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I consider them foolish

I consider them foolish rather than brave. A Christian in such countries has a religious mandate not to conceal their religion, and not to deny it in front of others. They also have a mandate not to worship other gods or with Muslims. But an atheist? If push comes to shove, they shouldn't have an issue with bowing down at Nebuchadnezzar's golden statue to stay alive, or just keeping their atheism private behind closed windows.

Being atheist is not like being homosexual, in which your whole life is lost by pretending. It's not like being black, in which your own body reveals your identity. If all you need to do to stay alive is not go on atheist republic, then don't go on atheists republic.

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You sound like an apologist

You sound like an apologist for authoritarianism.

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What a condescending

What a condescending fuckwitted reply. You claim special pleading for Christians but not for anyone else?
Jeez Breezy you have said some dumb things but that really takes the biscuit.

Who gave Christians a mandate for anything?

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This has now turned into a

This has now turned into a debate. Please take it to the Debate forum. Site Support has a different purpose altogether. Thank you.


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