Drop Smashwords Like a Bad Habit

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Drop Smashwords Like a Bad Habit


Just an FYI. Y'all might want to think of dropping smashwords as a partner (or whatever).

Their minimum-ism crap is just that: Crap.

I have been running into nothing but the most aggravating and stupidest problems dealing their "minimum" requirements for an eBook.

For example, they require an eBook's Front Cover image to be a minimum width of 1400 pixels. I made one that was 1355 pixels. And they are aggravating the Hell out of me to fix this problem.

I am a professional Front Cover designer for books, Front Page of newspapers, etc. However, I work by a pick and choose commission basis. In other words, I visit a web site and I choose the project I want to work. Then get paid for.

Smashwords seems to be run by idiots. A book's Front Cover is NEVER limited by minimum widths. It is dictated by using 300dpi as the minimum print setting, then setting the cover size in inches. However, the idiots at Smashwords do not seem to get this.

Thus, I am saying if y'all deal with that crap in your publishing efforts, more power to ya.


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