e.g. Politics of the Uninformed - agree clicks on 1st post

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e.g. Politics of the Uninformed - agree clicks on 1st post

It currently shows "2 disagree" yet when I ticked agree it went to disagree. This is a day or two after I clicked "agree". I've noticed its a fault in the system and won't pay any attention to it anymore. I'm apparently not alone. It seems to work on some occasions and not others.

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It says "Agree (3)" for me.

It says "Agree (3)" for me. If I were to click it, it would show "Disagree (4)", to indicate that it then has 4 agrees, and that I can remove my "Agree" by disagreeing...

It's a very anti-user-friendly functionality, but there seems to be little use in mentioning that to the site maintainers. There doesn't seem to be anyone listening.

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I had the same thing as you

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