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Help with picture on mobile

I am trying to upload a picture for my profile through a mobile device. I don't own any laptops or computers and my only access to this site is through an iPad. I keep clicking "upload image," but it never uploads, and I am stuck with the default profile picture.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks everyone. : )

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I'm no expert on Apple, but

I'm no expert on Apple, but apparently you are out of luck if you don't have iOS 6 or greater. Safari is completely dependent on the OS version and can't be updated independently.

One option might be to try to install the browsers Chrome or Firefox for and try with them. It might not work, since they have been only a thin visual shell on top of Safari, but I don't know if that is the case any more.

Another option might be to try to upgrade the OS, but I have no idea about what the consequences of that might be.

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I just checked and it seems I

I just checked and it seems I have a version of iOS that is at least above 9.0.

This is pretty perplexing, but I think I'm gonna give the other browsers a shot and see where they go. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Haha, I have found it out.

Haha, I have found it out. Turns out I had a derp moment, and never pressed save after uploading an image. There are still some kinks to it, but I think I'll fix it in the future.

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LoL :)

LoL :)

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