Here are some of my suggestions

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Here are some of my suggestions

Here are some of my suggestions :
A delete/edit button.
More options with religions. i want to be refer to anti-theist
A short description right next to our beliefs.
A section where we can share our own personal stories

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1) I'll check on the delete

1) I'll check on the delete edit button
2) What do you mean signatures & for what?
3) There are thousands of religions and
sects. For the purposes of this site no additional description of your lack of belief is need. You can easily inform us of this in your comments.
4) You can share your personal stories in the Hub.
5) I'll ask about the emojis.
sects so no.

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The edit/delete function may

The edit/delete function may return later but for now will be unavailable. The emoji idea is under consideration.

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