How do we search for specific past OP's ?

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How do we search for specific past OP's ?

Hello mods

I was planning to write a specific OP in the debate room, however I do not wish to repeat topics that may have already been covered several times over. Is there a way I can do a word search to find OP's related to it?

Once again I thank you for your time.

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This isn't an official AR

This isn't an official AR answer, but check out my post on the subject (first post, the 2nd section) here.

/e Here is some more advise on a somewhat related subject that might also be useful (direct link to post).

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Thanks Nyarlathotep

Thanks Nyarlathotep

Helpful and much appreciated


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Adding to Nyarlathotep's post

Adding to Nyarlathotep's post,


"<topic to search>"


This will search for the topic only inside the forums.

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