Jumbled order of posts in a thread

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Jumbled order of posts in a thread

Is it just me?

When I open a thread in any of the forums, the posts are all jumbled up date-wise, rather than being in order. A post might be from July 5, then the next one from June28, then the next one from July 15, then May 14.

I've never experienced this is any other forum.



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The only comments to be

The only comments to be completely left justified are responses to the OP. They should appear in chronological order based on when they are posted. If there are responses to responses, however, they are nested. This may make it seem as tho the dates are jumbled. Is that what you are seeing?

Edited to add: make sure you're looking at dates from the same year. Sometimes necroposting makes it appear jumbled as well when a viewer doesn't notice the year.

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Yes, it is annoying.

Yes, it is annoying.

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Yes. Worst forum I have ever

Yes. Worst forum I have ever seen. When you check in on the forum it will say 4 new responses, then it will take you to one of the new responses, then I guess you have to search thru the existing thread to find out what else might be new. Why not just post responses in chronological order? Makes no sense. Pretty sure I've missed half the responses that replied to my posts, but I don't have the time to go looking for them. Weird forum.

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Will discuss this with

Will discuss this with management and consider creating a totally new forum website for Atheist Republic.

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I approve of the above post

I approve of the above post by Hadmin. ^^

I will happily contribute a few bucks to help make this happen if needed/wanted.

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Yes, this makes me feel

Yes, this makes me feel really uncomfortable fnf

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