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Just testing the notification feature

Hi all,

I am not a new member but neither old either. You may remember me from my posts titled "The origin of Islam". I will continue with the series and in fact I have already collected enough material that will reveal an incredible truth about the origin. But I have problem with following the comments in this website. If it wasn't listed on my profile page, I think I wouldn't even be able to find my own posts.

My previousAR account was created with FB account link so I thought that could be the reason I never got notification. Because FB is not an email page. This one has been created with e-mail address so I'm just hoping the notification feature will work. Not that I expect a lot of comments but I have a tendency to forget things and after a few days I don't even visit my on threads so in case someone has a question or more importantly spots an error in my theory, I wouldn't want to look like someone who speaks her idea boldly but has no face to show up when proven wrong :)

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Good news; notification works

Good news; notification works if all of the boxes are checked under notifications settings.

Bad news: Impossible to understand from what thread the notification is from. It is all garbled with codes.

This is how the notification about my post (this one) being published looks like: http://i.imgur.com/QDLK1FF.png?1
This is how the notification about an update ona a thread I randomly picked for the test looks like: http://i.imgur.com/ndfvm2z.png?1

But from the positive side, we know now that at least notification works. That we receive a text of codes is a minor detail :) The trick is to create an account with an email address and not through other subscriptions like facebook and to check all of the options listed under Settings / Auto-subscribe.

The "Plaintext email only" option under website settings in profile edit page does not make any difference.

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You can tell what thread it

You can tell what thread it is from because, from your screen shot, there appears to be a hyperlink to it in the notification.

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Yes, you are right. All I

Yes, you are right. All I could see was text codes. I need to pay more attention. Thank you :)

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I get the same thing, but

I get the same thing, but haven't bothered to mention it, since no other problems mentioned have been fixed either :(

In case the code monkeys do show up:
My guess is that the content-type header isn't set, so instead of rendering the html, it's displayed as text.

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"In case the code monkeys do show up:
My guess is that the content-type header isn't set, so instead of rendering the html, it's displayed as text."

I am good with computer but not good enough to understand the code language. Is this "content-type header" something I need to do? If you mean there is a way to prevent the codes to show up in the message, I really would like to know how.

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Oh, sorry for being fuzzy! :)

Oh, sorry for being fuzzy! :)
No, it's something that the site developers need to fix.

There are several other issues me and others have mentioned, but nothing is happening. So I guess there's a shortage of people who have the time to fix issues on the site, for the time being.

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"for the time being."

"for the time being."

Prag, I've been on this site since February, and not a single thing has been fixed. 8 months is a long time to go without any tech support.

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