monitors please read.

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monitors please read.

Please read the line of discussion of this short thread.
I replied to the OP with a nonthreatening response that simply pointed out that the OP had no supporting information to make such a claim. For that reply the OP began a personal attack rant. Donald T. is a troll that starts threads, makes a claim and never offers supporting evidence. When even questioned or requesting evidence one is subjected to various insults and condescending verbiage from him.
I tried to help this guy. He claimed he didn't know how to post links. I replied by showing him how. He just insulted me for the effort.
He is a troll. Trolling is a forum violation.

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Agreed, its laughable how

Agreed, its laughable how obvious he makes it.

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You are right.

You are right.

He is a troll we banned over and over again.

ignore him for the moment.

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