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My story

I signed up on this site to read people's stories about how they became atheists and to post my own but I can't figure out where or how to post mine. Please help!

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You are already registered

You are already registered for The Atheist Hub. It is an easy place to communicate with other atheists (it is for atheists only). The Debate Room is more of a free for all.

You could also volunteer as a blogger or other position here.

Welcome to AR!

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You could start by

You could start by Introducing yourself in the HUB. From there, if you are brave, you can wander on over to the Debate room and simply chime in on anything that interests you. Feel free to ask questions or post comments.

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Very interesting story.

Very interesting story.

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You may want to begin by

You may want to begin by making a brief introduction for yourself in the HUB. If you're feeling bold, you may then go on over to the Debate room and join the conversation on quordle whatever piques your interest. Neither your queries nor your opinions are being seen as intrusive.

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