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New Site Theme!

Hi Everyone!

We have implemented a new theme on the site as you can see. We are still in the process of tweaking the site functions and features and we would like for you to help us in assessing the site and letting us know what we can improve. If you have any suggestions or if you need any help regarding the site navigation, please don't hesitate to post in this forum and we will do our best to help you.


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Great work on the site

The recent changes that has been implemented on this site is really great. The only problem which i have faced is sometimes when i post comments it gets does not reflect on the site, which is really annoying. It would be really great if  you could fix this issue. Cheers..!!

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Hi Tenzing

Can you give me more details on what pages you encountered that error so we can check them as soon as possible :) Thanks for letting us know Tenzing!

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I expect to be able to read

I expect to be able to read comments already posted before jumping in. How do I access the posts? Or do we be sheep in the dark!

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Hi aurochs. We apologize for

Hi aurochs. We apologize for the inconvenience. We've fixed the errors. I hope you can see all the comments now. :)

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I like the website as it is

I like the website as it is highly mobile compartible. It has helped me stay in touch even on mobile. And its a plus to get more users. Everyone is going mobile and the site is readily available to everyone.

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I'm not sure if this issue is

I'm not sure if this issue is because of my phone (which is isn't the most reliable), but the blog section is seems to be a problem for me. I tried to read a blog, but it keeps kicking me back to the top of the page. In order to read one, I have to keep my finger on the screen. If I don't, I just go right back to the top...

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Hi Heather, can you give me

Hi Heather, can you give me more details on the error you're encountering? What device are you using and which blog post were you viewing when you encountered the error?

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I'm checking the blogs on my

I'm checking the blogs on my phone and I'm not having the issue Heather is experiencing. But I think the "About the Author" and "Other Blogs" should come below the blog post, not above it.

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Hello. :) I was reading "Ten

Hello. :) I was reading "Ten Common Myths About Atheists." And I use an HTC Desire. I'm still having that issue in the same blog, but it could be my practically obsolete phone. When I scroll down to read the blog, it kicks me back to the very top of the page. If I keep my finger on the screen, it does not do that. I can manage if it's just me encountering the problem. I didn't know if everyone was having this same issue though...

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Are you experiencing this on

Are you experiencing this on any other websites?

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there are improvements that

there are improvements that are being made that should help prevent this; older phones take longer to render some of the javascript we are using.

I hope you notice improvements soon.

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No, I am not. I don't

No, I am not. I don't experience it on the forum either...

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Why are the pictures in the

Why are the pictures in the galleries are always in black and white??

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I got here after the new site

I got here after the new site change was started but I really like it and it's usability is better than most other sites of it's size. I did have issues using the site from my phone and tablet, but now I just come here on my laptop and have had no issues since.

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The mobile site has been

The mobile site has been recieving improvements. if there are any problem areas let us know and we can see if we can find a fix.

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