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Password problems

Several times recently the system has 'forgotten' my password. Then I go through the reset process (for convenience using the same password) and it works for a couple of weeks, then unexpectedly rejects the same password I've been using.

very annoying

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Hello, I understand that you

Hello, I understand that you are having problems and something can be wrong with the login system but it's unlikely as nobody else seems to be having this issue.

I was wondering if maybe you try to login by using the email-id instead of the username which may be causing this issue? 


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It just happened again. I had

It just happened again. I had reset my password on Dec 7, been on several times since then, including today. In fact I was on today, but this evening I was logged out unexpectedly. Re-entered the same pasword I set on 12/7 and it was declared invalid.

Reset again and now I'm back in (for a while)

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Again. Attemted to login,

Again. Attemted to login, said my password was invalid (despite having logged in multple times with it recently)

This is the only website where I am having this problem.

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There isn't much I can do;

There isn't much I can do; except suggest a troubleshooting step. Try logging in with incognito/private mode:

in Firefox, hit Ctrl+Shift+P
in Chrome hit Ctrl+Shift+N
in Internet Explorer hit Ctrl+Shift+P

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Helo, next time this happens

Helo, next time this happens can you please copy or screenshot the exact error message and post it here?

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Happened again "did you

Happened again "did you forget your password" NO I DID NOT.

Driving me crazy. Only this website.

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This should not be happening.

This should not be happening. I don't feel there's anything wrong with the website though as nobody else is facing the issue.

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