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Person in Danger

Need help on Greensnakes "Flat earth world" thread. See posts by Shepard. My first response should have been the second one I gave. It appears his mother may be in grave danger at the hands of Shepards father. He has tried to strangle this woman for allowing her kids to watch "Cosmos". This young person may be out of his league. I have to go and hope some good folks may give the best advice to this young person.

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This is Shepards last post :

This is Shepards last post :
The reason Carl Sagan did not convince him is because he believes that the is a part of the "NASA illuminati antichrist reptilian" conspiracy. He thinks everyone is lying to him and the only people that he trusts are people like David Icke, David Willcock, Karl Hans Welz and people that agree on his worldview, and everyone who doesn't is wrong or is his enemy.
He is a really hard man to work with but I will try to do what you said but I'm not very optimistic that it will change his mind because he does not like complicated answers or explanations. Anything that he does not fully understand he dismisses. Last time I had an argument with him and tried to explain something complicated to him he told me that the Illuminati want me to think that way so they could more easylly control me.
This is going to be very hard and I hope he does not flip out and try to choke my mother again.

I tried to message him but he was not receiving messages

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I replied to him.

I replied to him.

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I could try to try to track

I could try to try to track his IP through the website (though that would require some form of hacking, and I I don't thK the founder nor the admins of AR would like that) if ; n permission, I will though.

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Nvm, he is out of even my

Nvm, he is out of even my power. Look at his newist comment............ He needs help.

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