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Posting comments to blogs

I'm new here, but I've posted a few things on the forum successfully. I just now tried to put a comment on the blog section but I seem only to have the option of posting via facebook account instead of A-R account. Am I missing something?

[I will not open a facebook account. Period]

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I don't see that you are

I don't see that you are missing anything. If there is an option to post to blogs through your A-R account I'm not seeing it either.
It would be nice to have the option of commenting on the blogs without having to become a member of one of the major social networks.

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What you are missing is the

What you are missing is the fact that you are a troll and are here to upset people and cause trouble. You have no place here. Go spew your false statements somewhere else. christian trolls are the worst!

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What you are omitting is the

What you are omitting is the fact that you are a troll who is only here to annoy and trouble people. You are not welcome here. Go somewhere else to spout your untruths. The worst online bullies are those who identify as Christians. Heardle

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You can try to look for the

You can try to look for the option to log in using your A-R account on the blog's login page, or you can try contacting the blog's administrator or support team for further assistance on how to leave comments using your A-R account. They may be able to provide you with specific instructions or clarify any requirements for leaving comments on their blog.

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