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Posting notifications?

Is there a notification feature on here to help us spot replies to our posts? Currently, I'm going back into the thread I posted in, and then that's when I see people replying to me. Just wondering if there is another way?

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Yes. At the bottom of each

Yes. At the bottom of each OP section there is a button to subscribe to the post. You will get notified each time there is a post to the overall OP but not a reply to a specific post IN a thread.

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It's also possible to

It's also possible to administrate your own subscriptions under your profile, under the "Subscriptions" tab.

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Thank you for your help, and

Thank you for your help, and replies!

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It's still not working, I

It's still not working, I have to still go into my profile and look up threads and see where I've posted. :( Oh well.

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