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Problems uploading avatar

I've just joined and I'm having problems uploading an avatar. I can select it ok, and the filename appears underneath the picture, but it doesn't appear in the picture frame.

Note: I am rubbish at this stuff.

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Note: I'm no admin or site

Note: I'm no admin or site developer.

What file format is the picture in?
Some formats can be problematic, so stick to jpg, png.

Sometimes the color model in a picture can be a problem on the web. For example, CMYK doesn't seem to work on the web, but RGB always works. If this is the problem you have to open the image in a image editor and save it in the RGB color model instead.

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It's a standard .jpg which I

It's a standard .jpg which I've used before with no problems. I can't tell which colour model it is.

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To find out the color model,

To find out the color model, you would probably have to open it in a image editor, like Photoshop or Gimp.

But if you have used it before, the problem might be something else...


You could try opening the image in this online editor:

It cant handle CMYK images, so you should be able to open the image if that isn't the problem.
You could try saving it again then uploading the new image to Atheist Republic.

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Thanks, I tried that and it

Thanks, I tried that and it still doesn't work.

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I guess they will have to

I guess they will have to check the logs...

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Maybe it has to do with the

Maybe it has to do with the size.

What size is the picture you are trying to put?

try resizing it to 500 by 500 pixels with paint, and see if it takes it then.

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