Rules on posting media?

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Rules on posting media?

As title, is it ok to post video recordings, or videos? For example If it's about an argument over religion, or street preacher saying some things that might induce a debate? Just wanted to make sure, thanks.

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You can post a link to it as

You can post a link to it as long as the content does not break forum rules.

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Can I post a video file I

Can I post a video file I have?
For example I have a recording of a supposed "excorcism of a demon".

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It would probably be best to

It would probably be best to upload your video to youtube; then post a link to it.

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ok, what's the difference

ok, what's the difference between that and use the attach image/video function on the website here though?

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My guess, file size

My guess, file size limitations.

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Attach Image/Video?: 

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Rules on posting media can

Rules on posting media can vary depending on the platform or website you're using, as each platform typically has its own set of guidelines and policies

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