Most Humans Are More Moral Than The Scriptures They Hold Sacred

Most Humans Are More Moral Than The Scriptures They Hold Sacred

"Most humans are more moral than the scriptures they hold sacred." - Alishba Zarmeen

Quote Source: @SecularlyYours (Twitter)

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Another excellent point. The

Another excellent point. The scriptures, in the case of The Bible, are examples as a warning for us, and, most notably, an honest account.

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Hmm, I wish I could say I

Hmm, I wish I could say I knew this as fact, Honestly and sadly I can't say that I do Some people use religion as their only moral compass and many many people don't even know the scriptures well enough to use them. I would say most atheist however have more morals than those who would use the scriptures to guide what they consider to be right or wrong.

Unfortunately I run into people all the time who say religion tells us all we need to know about being a good person, they even use religion often to justify things that a rational person would think completely immoral. then again moral are subject to interpretation though most people can generally tell when they are doing something whether it is right or wrong to do.

In the sad state humanity is in the majority of people are religious and as such they allow religion to guide their morals many these people are so out of practice that if they did listen to say what Jesus said they would have more moral then they do now.

I personally feel its immoral to disregard the lives we are given, the information about our world we have available to us, and the ability to think for ourselves or to feel for whatever reason the beliefs we have are more important than the beliefs of others. Many people who follow scripture do all these things.

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