site locking up.

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site locking up.

I am running IE 11 and am finding that this site is locking up on me frequently. I have to kill the process in Widows and lose anything I may have been working on to post. I never had any other site do this. Sometimes it happens just sitting open with nothing going on.

Any IE settings I need to know about?

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Unfortunately, this website

Unfortunately, this website needs serious work. One of it's many problems is it is inundated with off site active scripts. If anyone is interested in fixing it, check out the volunteer section.

As a work around for the rest of us, I suggest using a serious browser (there are many to choose from: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc); I would not attempt to use IE here.

An even better choice would be a serious browser with an addon/plugin to block off domain scripts. But I'm only a dabbler in this field, not an expert by any standard.

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Hey, what happened this

Hey, what happened this morning? I couldn't even get to the Login screen for about an hour. Kept telling "Access Denied" or some crap like that. Both on my phone and my desktop computer.

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The site was being updated.

The site was being updated unfortunately there was some trouble in the process.

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Oh, okay. Cool. Phew!... *wiping brow*... I was concerned it might have been hackers again.

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Hello, I have removed a

Hello, I have removed a script which might be causing the lock up. Can you let me know if your issue has been resolved?

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