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Is there any way to organize the comments like Facebook? So the comments would be in order yet if people are replying to a past comment it creates a sub thread "folder"?

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I’m a forum mod but not an

I’m a forum mod but not an admin/dev. Those folks do monitor this room so will see your suggestion.

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I agree with you. Thank you

I agree with you. Thank you so much Euchre Online

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While I do moderate posts and

While I do moderate posts and answer questions, I do not serve as an administrator or developer. These individuals do in fact read this forum, therefore your feedback will be seen. the backrooms

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Yes, there are several ways

Yes, there are several ways to organize comments like Facebook and angry gran. One common method is called threaded comments or nested comments, which allows users to reply to a specific comment and create a sub-thread within the main discussion thread.

In threaded comments, each comment is displayed in a hierarchical structure, with replies to a comment indented underneath it. This makes it easier to follow conversations and see which comments are responses to others.

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Thank you for the information

Thank you for the information!

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Keep in mind that the

Keep in mind that the availability of such features may also depend on the type of post, page, or group, as different Facebook features and settings can vary

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