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Thread Printing

Is there anyway someone can install/create a print function for the threads? I have posted on some that my attention capabilities do not extend to reading long threads (50+ replies, or more than 2 pages).

I just cannot sit at a computer screen and read like that. I visit some other forum boards that have a thread print function which will generically format a thread for plain vanilla printing. This I do for threads may be interesting to me, but have 223 replies and cover over 4 pages. I just cannot sit and stare at a computer screen like that.

Yes, I could read small parts of it each visit, but that usually does not work for me either. I tend to work 3 or 4 24-hour days. That is why I do not visit very often. I cannot. I am too busy at work. When home, I have house work. Thus I am lucky to log on for about an hour each day I am off.

The other problem with reading small chunks is the thread I want to read is tending to get more replies faster than I can read them.

Thank you for your valuable time and efforts.


P.S. - Please do not ask me. I know nothing of forum board software. My programming only goes as far as writing scripts for GIS software.

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Thank you for your suggestion and I regret that you find the thread printing difficult to use. I agree that it would be helpful to have a print function and will pass on your suggestions to the Andersen team. Thank you for your feedback and I hope you will continue to use the forum.

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