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Yesterday about 10:45 PM I tried to start a thread and when I save, my screen switched to some cloud notification that stated that nothing was wrong with my internet or computer but the site I was connected to has timed out and to try back later. I thought all sorts of things like I had been banned or I didn't do the captcha correctly. Did I do something wrong or was the site down for awhile?

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It was likely down for

It was likely down for maintenance.

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Then what was the problem?

Then what was the problem?

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We apologize for that. There were some issues on the server which caused the site to go down. We are working to prevent it from happening again.

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Thank you, I wasn't sure if I

Thank you, I wasn't sure if I did anything. I know from time to time there will be technical problems, so there is no need to apologize. I believe that the people that run this site are some of the best I have ever witnessed. You should be commended for the good jobs that you do, and not criticised for the minor glitches that occur. Thank you!

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I wasn't sure if I helped. No

I wasn't sure if I helped. No need to apologize for occasional technical issues. This site's waffle game administrators are among the best I've seen. You should be praised for your good work, not criticized for small errors.

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