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TROLL notification

@ Mods......

New Member "Otangelo"....

I've known this character for years....... he is a serial TROLL..... I've met him on many atheist sites.... he is always disruptive , copy and pasting (mostly from Craig-Lanes sites) ..... expect walls of texts.... and what used to be known as "flame wars"...

Sorry ...just noticed he's been here before .....

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Let the 'fun" begin!

Let the 'fun" begin!

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Thank you, Watchman. He has

Thank you, Watchman. He has been escorted from the building.

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Oh I see his Christian

Oh I see his Christian apologetics forum (more of a blog really) with the topless girl chat ads got shutdown.

Apparently; promiscuity is OK, so long as it helps pay your bills.

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Wait do people not say flame

Wait do people not say flame wars anymore am I that old

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@ Mikhael

@ Mikhael

I don't think I ever used the term. My short term memory is shot to hell, but my long term memory is fine. Eg I may not be able to tell you what I had for lunch last Sunday, but I can tell you what I bought at Harrods' Food Hall in 1985 for lunch.

Had to look it up. Have never engaged in such a thing. I try not to use ad hominems, and will ignore a person after 2 ad homs. Do we have an ignore function here? . ---anyway, shouldn't happen here. People here are generally courteous, treating as they are treated

However, I don't have any time for trolls although I have been sucked in.

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