Want to know Atheist Community in Pakistan

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Want to know Atheist Community in Pakistan

I'm newly atheist and living in Pakistan. As we know there are many problems in religious matters in Pakistan specially in Atheism.
Extremism everywhere in Pakistan. So i want to know some communities at my country which can i join and living easily.



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Look here for Pakistan:
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I have been doing WWW

I have been doing WWW searches for any atheist organizations in Pakistan. If they exist, they are extremely secretive. I cannot blame them. However, my searches have turned up some interesting facts. If the information I found is at least partially accurate, then atheism is on the rise in Pakistan. This seems to indicate that atheists exist in Pakistan, just that they have to be highly secretive. The only advice I can give is to be very careful. Put out the tiniest feelers. Word questions very carefully. Otherwise, look into the link CyberLN has offered.


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Thanks for reply.

Thanks for reply.

"Otherwise, look into the link CyberLN has offered."

What is the meaning of this?


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It being Pakistan, how do we

It being Pakistan, how do we know you're not going to hand them over to the gov't? I know; I'm so mistrustful with stuff like this. With good reason.

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Well this place can help you

Well this place can help you to learn.

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Never make the mistake of

Never make the mistake of going to such an organization in Pakistan. There once existed an official atheist community but the owner was hanged to death and the members of the organization were killed. None of this was ever exposed to the media.

If you wish to live life freely, leave Pakistan and go to another country. Your country is one of those which give death sentences to people who leave islam.

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For any people who consider

For any people who consider themselves atheist in a muslim-controlled country....be careful of the sites some users have mentioned in this string. You may not be safe mentioning you are atheist on some of them. Please fully investigate the site before providing any personal information. Please be careful to ensure traceability via your machine or IP address is not putting you at risk as well.

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WARNING: The above site link

WARNING: The above site link has been posted by a theist. You may be at risk if you disclose atheism in the chat room he suggests.

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