Atheist Quotes on Buttons – Shopping List

In our society, which is highly dominated by religion, there has always been a certain amount of negativity associated with atheism. Not only have atheists’ perspectives been negated all these years but they have also been kept away from the public’s reach. It is ironical how atheism somehow continues to be a faith that many adherents cannot express openly despite the number of non-believers growing every day. This is probably because atheists fear that they will be judged and ostracized if they come out and express their ideas in the open. So maybe, it is time for us to jointly take the responsibility and put the record straight.

Atheism does not promote immorality and it does not encourage people to pursue evil deeds. These are unfortunately ways in which the general populace has been prejudiced against atheists. Atheism is merely the rejection of belief in the existence of gods because atheists choose to abide by empirical evidence.

As part of our initiative to clear all myths related to atheism, we have sought out chic designs for buttons that can help promote the true meaning of atheism. Our buttons carry atheist quotes and have eye-catching designs that are bound to up your fashion statement, in the process educating those who know little or nothing about atheism. The quotes can be funny, meaningful, witty or inspirational – whatever you want it to be.

Choose from our many options and customize your design if you want to because these buttons will not only make you stand out in a crowd, but also urge others to learn more about a subject that is often wrongfully stigmatized. As you can see, each button is distinctive - stylish and informative at the same time.

Wear our buttons and communicate your inner most thoughts to those around you if you rather avoid the risk of getting trapped in a heated discussion. In case, someone questions your stand, take the liberty to spread some awareness!