Quantum Physics Misused

Physics has made great strides in explaining the universe around us. Billion dollar equipment such as the Cern Lab, great Telescopes and other complicated apparatus has given us insight in the working of our cosmos. Scientists and mathematicians have used the data obtained to form further predictions and speculations and are devising more instrumentation to find the correct way to forge ahead. String theories, multiple dimensions,  dark matter and other theories might be proven correct or not; time will tell. The big bang happened, we deduct that from astronomical observations. We don’t know yet if this was the beginning or just a phase of the universe, we hope to find out in the future. One of the latest findings, the Higgs Boson, confirmed a long standing  theory. The observation of gravity waves caused by the collision of two black holes is another step forward in the understanding of nature. These findings confirm or reject some of the previous theories and form the basis for further research and methods to understand reality.

Then there are those people who, without any instrument gathered data, already know what is going on. Since it suits some religious people, they state the Big Bang is the beginning, therefore there is a Creator. There are Messengers of Light who already determined that there are higher dimensions than four. They don’t need any expensive equipment to tell us that vibrations in our brain’s micro-tubes ”proves” there is a universal consciousness, while the only research information we have so far is that consciousness and awareness are brain-functions. “Scientists” like Deepak Chopra know more about quantum mechanics than the scientists in the field and Deepak himself has come up with some “theories’” such as “quantum healing” that shows he does not even understand the principles correctly. There are many more of these pseudo-scientists who distort real findings to suit their particular fiction. Quantum entanglement is another area of research that hasn’t been understood yet but the armchair experts have already decided that it proves the existence of supernatural phenomena. The sad part is that many people believe these pseudo-scientific myth creators.

If you want a real discussion about what we know about the universe and what we don’t know yet, that’s fine. But spare me the claptrap and the audacity of the  “specialists” who know it all, even without any serious research or acquired data.

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