Tell Me Something I Don't Know...

Why yes, I am trying to offend you

Brash. Audacious. Vulgar. Juvenile. Arrogant. Asshole.

I've been called all these and many more things when theists get their panties in a wad about what I say and how I present my arguments. Every time they say these things I smile like the Cheshire Cat. The fact is, it's all true. I'll wear those labels like a coat of many colors. Sorry buddy, but you're not going to "offend" me with words, especially when they're true. Quite honestly if I didn't know all these things about myself I'd be just another hypocrite rolling through life with a chip on my shoulder about some dumb shit.

Of course I've got a good reason for the way I act and the way I present things. You see, I'm out to piss some people off. I want more than anything for them to get angry, because the moment they do that's when the mask drops. That's when they start being honest. There's nothing in the world, aside from sodium pentathol, that brings the honesty out of folks like anger. The moment I get them to call me a dickhead, I know we're on an even playing field.

So don't hold back... Tell me how you really feel.

You can catch flies with honey, but shit works even better

Now whether you like my tact or not, I can assure you of one thing... It works. The reason it works is because the argument stands on its own merits and whether or not the argument is actually valid. It doesn't matter how many times I use the word fuck in a fucking argument, the fucking argument is backed by fucking logic and solid fucking evidence. Did I have to use the word fuck so many times there? Nope. But it got your attention didn't it.

There's something else people don't seem to realize either. You see, you don't have to use vulgar language to insult people. The fact is, I find it far more insulting for someone to express joy in the notion that I'm going to "burn in hell" than I find someone calling me a cocksucker or some such pejorative. In the first scenario the person is actually wishing harm upon me and delighting in the idea of it. In the second one the person is just stating their unfounded opinion that I may be acquainted with the way a penis tastes. Given the choice of taste-tester at Willy Wonka's House of Willies or torture and lamentation, I'll opt for inspector number 42 on the uncircumcised line any day.

So far off base you're in a different ballpark

It isn't just theists who want to bash me over my rudeness and the language I use. I get an earful from atheists too. There seems to be a false assumption amongst even the supposedly enlightened that the language one uses is some indicator of intellect. Quite honestly if you are of the opinion that I must speak like a seasoned academic in order to assert my intelligence then you're a dumbass. My personal opinion is that people who think that way are only putting their own massive ego and personal superiority complex on display. Quite frankly, it's ugly and very unbecoming. Like wearing a tee-shirt with your IQ printed on the front in big bold script.

Now, I admit to arrogance simply because I am full of pride in my accomplishments and I refuse to be modest about it. When people make false statements or accusations I call them out on it. I don't shy away from telling people that their words or actions are stupid or idiotic. In short, I don't sugarcoat shit so it's more palatable. People call this rude and arrogant and I won't deny that it is. But honesty isn't usually pretty. It doesn't come wrapped in a sweet little box with a fucking ribbon on it. If you say stupid shit you deserve to be told honestly that what you've said is stupid shit. If you can't handle bluntness, that's your own personal dysfunction.

I'm a human being who wants to engage with other human beings on a human level. I want you to see my emotions as well as my intellect. I want people to know that I'm no better than anyone else regardless of my IQ or education. I want people of all backgrounds to clearly understand my arguments so they can actually make a judgment on them without having to consult a fucking dictionary to figure out what the hell I'm saying. Personally I see way too many atheists who think the only way we can be taken seriously is if everyone thinks we're all in the same mental league with men like Stephen Hawking.

So yeah, I'm an arrogant asshole. But wouldn't you prefer an honest asshole to a glad-handing academic who is also intellectually dishonest?

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