Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Haters gonna hate

Every day I am confronted by so-called atheists who want to pose the notion that us "militant" atheists are doing a disservice to the cause. The truth however, is that they are the ones doing a disservice to the cause. They would ask that we cater to the dysfunctions of the religious in order to cajole them into acceptance of us and our position. They make apologetic arguments that favor the religious and call us angry little men with chips on our shoulders. These wolves in sheep's clothing lack the honesty and integrity to admit that a good slap in the face is exactly what the religious world needs.

If you think I pose my position as if I'm at war with the religious then you're spot on in that assertion. We are at war and that war began the moment that the religious started fucking killing us in the name of their gods. They drew the battle lines long ago and I'll not feel a bit of pity for taking the position I have. They picked a fight and now they want to cry because some of us have decided to fight back. I'm sorry, but the live and let live train left the station a long time ago.

Man up or shut the fuck up

If you want to take a position sitting on the fence that's your prerogative, but don't you dare condescend and berate me for taking up arms. The fact is that someone has to fight because you cowards have let this carry on far too long. You're quite happy to enjoy the fruits of our labors in advancing equality and justice for all but you don't want to get your pathetic little hands dirty and help. If you aren't going to help then just sit back and shut the fuck up. We're sick of hearing shit from every corner as we fight the battles you're too cowardly to fight for yourselves.

Everyone wants to cuss out the bouncer at the club when he kicks your ass out for being unruly, but no one wants to thank him for making sure the psycho with a gun never got through the door to begin with. You may not like our tactics but sometimes you simply have to fight fire with fire. So if you want to complain about us demeaning and ridiculing religion, you'd do well to remember that atheists have been demeaned and ridiculed since the earliest days of mankind. We've been put to death and imprisoned, and this continues to this very day in many parts of the world. If you're fine with letting these assclowns run the show then you can die at their hands, but for my part I choose to fight. And quite frankly I'm not content with pussyfooting around about it.

If you want a fight then I'll damn sure be happy to oblige.

Why so serious?

People ask me all the time why I seem to take this so seriously, and why I don't pull punches or won't just be nice about it. The fact is I'm all out of nice and I don't pull punches in a fight. This fight doesn't end until the job is done. That job is equality for all people and an end to religious exceptionalism.

Almost no one would dare say that Martin Luther King and others should not have stood up and pointed out the long train of abuses that blacks had suffered in this nation under white exceptionalism. The same goes for the women's suffrage movement. And still to this day blacks and women are fighting for true equality. When those fights began, those people asked for one thing and that was true equality and they weren't willing to compromise for anything less and still aren't. The same can be said for atheists. We want true equality and we aren't going to stop fighting until we get it.

If it is fine for the religious to post signs and other paraphernalia that tell others that their non belief or different beliefs are going to get them tortured for eternity, then it is also fine for me to point out just how sick and sadistic that idea is and also how idiotic it is as well. I'm sick of having people say that attacking an idiotic idea that actually causes people harm is somehow militant. I'm tired of people acting like atheists are the ones who started this damn fight in the first place. Most of all though, I'm fed up with having people that should get it to be making excuses and defending people that hate them. An atheist that makes excuses for and defends religions is like a black KKK member.

Atheists didn't start this fight, but we damn sure intend to finish it. In the words of Mickey O'Neil from the movie Snatch,

"You're not going anywhere, you thick lump. You stay until the job's done."

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