One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for Brutality

Legends are borne from the passage of time, but are rarely ever worthy of such status or acclaim. They are used as benchmarks, role models for us lesser mortals, something to aspire towards—but who, in all honesty, wants to be immortalised as a barbaric, blood-hungry warmonger? Well, if your name's Muhammad, you might raise your hand.

History of Hell

The threat of Hell to many religious folk is enough to leave them whimpering in a corner with their knees pulled up to their chest, and ready to sprint to the nearest confession box. But what if Hell was the greatest lie to have ever been formulated?

The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” of the Soul

How is it that science can detect the unimaginably small and least reactive of all known matter, yet we have never detected any existence of a soul? (Warning: If you don’t like a bit of science with your morning coffee, it may be better to watch a cat video rather than proceed with this blog post.) For those willing to read through all this, the punch line is at the end ;-).