God is not Beyond Science

Arguments like “God isn’t science, it’s more than that” are intrinsically poor, but the very fact that they have no value means that they cannot be outcompeted. There is no counter to something that effectively has no meaning, and like matter and antimatter annihilating when they meet; logic and illogic annihilate any otherwise intelligent argument and leave both people locked in a stalemate.

Your Brain Hates Doubt: Why Uncertainty is Difficult

Embracing an attitude of doubt, actively holding our strong beliefs with an open hand isn't always as easy as we would like it to be. I think sometimes, this long and difficult journey makes many people cling even harder to certainty because they're tired of asking questions and they're ready to rest in something that finally feels right. Strong beliefs are important, vital even, but if we grip them in a tightly closed fist, there isn't space for new evidence to come to us for examination and closed fists make very good tools for pounding our beliefs into others.