Born Again Atheist: The Argument for the Facts – Lance Gregorchuk

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Born Again Atheist: The Argument for the Facts – Lance Gregorchuk
Born Again Atheist

Born Again Atheist: The Argument for the Facts – Lance Gregorchuk

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According to the author of this book, Born Again Atheist was as invention that stemmed from dire necessity. Lance Gregorchuk himself says there would have never been a need for a book such as his Born Again Atheist if existing religions and religious authorities continued to practice their traditions today like the Australian Aborigines or Native Americans did several years ago.

As we all know, each of these tribes had their own gods, traditions and costumes. Also, every one of the members in each tribe respected cultural heritage and wanted one another to revel in their own anthropological significance. For instance, the chances that a Native American of Australian Aborigine would come to your doorstep, preaching about Bahloo, their sun god and try to convince you that if you
do not accept Bahloo as your savior, you would be walking through a barren desert for the rest of your life, is close to zero. That is exactly what Gregorchuk tries to explain through his book Born Again Atheist.

Whether you are a freethinker, atheist, agnostic, fence sitter or perhaps even a believer, this book is a must-read for those who wish to further broaden their perspectives of looking at things and understanding them wholly. As is evident in his work, the author has carried out thorough research before writing Born Again Atheist, which is probably why many of the questions that emerge as loose ends when God is under review are all answered cogently. While Gregorchuk’s fans describe this book as lucid prose that is easily accessible and serves as an enjoyable read, his critics have praised him too for consciously avoiding all vitriol and ridicule of belief and simply using dispassionate arguments to get across his logical reasoning.

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