Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless

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Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless
Why Are You Atheists So Angry?

Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless

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Why are non-believers angry? Is it because they are joyless, selfish, alienated from God and lacking in meaning? Or is it because they have valid reasons to feel that way and always seem ready to do something about it?

With the help of her absurdist humour, passionate outrage and calm intelligence, American author and blogger Greta Christina puts forward a powerful case for atheist activists and explains the justice and empathy that drives them. Why Are You Atheists So Angry is a personal, accessible and down-to-earth book that addresses not only atheists but also believers who are willing to understand the concept of new atheism. In a way, the book drops a bombshell on the diabolical force of religious faith and voices what perhaps a million angry atheists want to say at all times to religious bigots.

The launch of the book was preceded by a lecture, which Christina chose to deliver at Skepticon 4 and even before that, the author wrote a signature blog post titled Atheists and Anger. Both the blog post and the lecture talk of the same reasons that Christina has listed in her book and. She has also gone on record to say that her goal is to answer the title question, which is frequently posed to atheists when they happen to react radically to issues that are seemingly unimportant.

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Why am I so angry? Don't

Why am I so angry? Don't know. In fact, I didn't know I was angry. Christians say that since I am an atheist, therefore I am always angry, so I must be. If they say I am angry, I must be angry, whether I am angry or not. In fact, if the Christians say I am angry, I don't even have the right to not be angry because they say I am angry.


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I love being angry. Anger is

I love being angry. Anger is good; it's the driving force behind change, and letting people know their ideas are childish and nonsensical in a forceful way gives me a rush of adrenaline. If you're not angry about how ideas of God and religion are corrupting our society, and bringing us backward, then I'd have someone check for a pulse. Anyway, who cares if they think you're angry even when you're not? They're thinking is already proven to be fatally flawed.

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Loved her book! I own it.

Loved her book! I own it.

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They are not angry... it's a

SOME of them (outspoken atheists) are rather passionate than angry and for many reasons below one can be reasonable and say.. "actually being a bit irked at knowing pedophile priests are getting away with their wicked crimes is fine." Atheist they are not angry but passionate... it's a label that gets stuck with atheists because they are passionate about standing up against theocratic tyranny people misconstrued standing up against religious harm and immorality.. by not being afraid to stand up and say "don't force your religion on others", and say "do not say we are sinners and are followers of satan" or standing up for their friends who are homosexual under verbal attack by the religious... we stand proud and speak allowed and by doing this to people it may seem we are angry but as a matter of fact we are passionate....

Saying that atheist can be angry when these things happen... when a person comes up to me and says "follow christ or you will burn in hellfire"... It's laughable and a little irritable... saying my friends who are just trying to live life and get verbal and mental abuse either from church community or their religious family for either being an atheist or homosexual or both. I would get angry at that and rightfully so. Seeing my country of birth not too long ago destroyed by religious violence and people killing each other and each others children on what kind of Christian they were... For 800 years the feud between the Protestants and Catholics (that turned a bit political near the end) divided families and caused utter chaos. I have the right to be angry a bit at that. When the Church sends known priest who is a pedophile to the Vatican for sanctuary... really gets on my tits (nerves).. etc.

I think LongDoggy has it right above.. Many of my friends are atheists and do not involve themselves in religion or the topic and are living great happy lives.. I am also very calm... Ricky Gervais who is an atheist is another person who takes life in... and enjoys it. Look an really anything he does. Adam Savage from myth-busters is an atheist and he is happy out.

My point is we are human.. Anger is part of being human and being angry at something that that is morally wrong or cruel is ok. We are not angry, wet get angry at things like all people, but it is a term that some how latched itself onto atheist for simply being vibrant and outspoken. One can see the confusion in that.

Extra information:
Anger inspires CHANGE.

EVERY important progressive social movement in history was fueled by anger at injustice and human rights violations.

Humanist thinking is definitely making a positive difference in the world; the world is a less violent place, with less suffering, than it was in pre-Enlightenment times. The trend continues as nonreligious philosophies grow. Thus the most nonreligious countries tend to be the most peaceful countries.

"The supreme task is to organize and unite people so that their anger becomes a transforming force." -- Martin Luther King

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I wouldn't say I'm angry more

I wouldn't say I'm angry more frustrated. I'm from Ireland and although we have made progress in separating church and state we have a long way to go. Our schools system for instance is 96% Catholic with almost no choice for parents who don't want their children indoctrinated by religion. The Church is desperate to hang onto this as they know that if they can't get to the next generations that the game is almost up. We still have a blasphemy law on the books too. Although I'm not sure how I feel about abortion I am in favor of allowing people to make their own choice. I believe that religion should be a private matter and should not be given special privilege by the law. These things make me frustrated and I believe it is only a matter of time until they are achieved but they don't make me angry.

jlhaxton's picture
All I can say is I am as

All I can say is I am as happy or happier than ever. Much more self-less now that I gave up my 50 year christianity and became an atheist. I have to admit at first there were some lonely times. I am in Oklahoma and atheism is kind of looked down on here in the bible belt. I have questioned whether others experienced this love and selfless thing since becoming an atheist. Took me a little by surprise. I had always heard atheists were a mean unhappy bunch. That is wrong!! #HappyAtheist!

Nyarlathotep's picture
Holy smokes, 50 years! About

Holy smokes, 50 years! About the time you want to give up on humanity, someone like JL comes along and blows your mind! You are awesome!

jlhaxton's picture
Thanks!! It was a crazy

Thanks!! It was a crazy journey to freedom from faith to facts but I am a better person for it. So happy I found the real truth. :)

Mark Brewster's picture
Much like JL, I had 50 years

Much like JL, I had 50 years of faith; I think the difference between us, though, is that I feel FOOLISH for having TAKEN SO LONG to come around to reality. I enjoy the freedom, yes; I listen to clips from "The Atheist Experience" out of Austin, TX, almost daily, because it helps. I have seen how silly and inane those former beliefs of mine were, and to hear others parrot them (and worse), seems to rile me a bit. But the effective counters from the ACA members on the show have helped me build a solid wall against that silliness.

Part of the "angry" is in my nature; basically "the runt of the litter", and growing up in oppressive Lutheranism, my temper is never below 'simmer'. So sure, CALL me angry...I'm okay with that. Call we well-informed in the counter-apologetics, TOO, because I will eviscerate your foolish 'god' claims.

jlhaxton's picture
I too was like you in the

I too was like you in the sense that I felt foolish. I felt duped and lied to!! Kinda of pissed off that I, a somewhat intelligent man I feel, could go along with xtianity for so long!

Truett's picture
Hey JL and MarkDElf, I'm with

Hey JL and MarkDElf, I'm with you guys. A half-century of delusion before my Rip Van Winkle alarm sounded and I arose from my delusional dream-like state. Similar to you both, it has been a blend of wonder and embarrassment, along with relief, ferocity and pity. I've wondered at my own escape from the rabbit's hole after so many decades of drinking the hatter's tea, so it is refreshing to find others who tweedle-dumbed their way through life as I did and yet found their way to reality. I'm glad that we got out. Thanks for mentioning your own awakenings.

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Actually, I'm less angry now

Actually, I'm less angry now than when I was a Christian.

For about 3 years I went through a series of traumas and losses that was truly beyond belief. I prayed constantly ... to understand God's message, to ask what I had done wrong, to beg for strength. But he didn't hear me, and the shitstorm continued.

And I did get angry, because I had always tried to be a good person, and responsible, and devout. I was extremely afraid for a while, and that turned to anger.

How could it not when my world view was that everything happens for God's will, for a purpose?

Now I realize shit just happens. It's not aimed at me. It's not created for me. There is no one to be mad AT.

In forums, I see a lot of "Christians are stupid," "They believe in the Sky Fairy or an imaginary friend," or "All Christians are delusional." That sort of talk is fine between us, but I grit my teeth when athiests actually say these things to Christians.

I have both athiest and Christian friends. They know my story and have supported me. When I lost everything I moved in with a Pentecostal family. They knew my whole story, and for 2 years there has not been a single problem.

It does not work on everyone. But a lot of people calm the hell down when treated with kindness and respect.

If we want to end the discrimination, get rid of the Angry Athiest meme, and show that in fact we can and do have ethics and morals, I think we have to treat believers in a way that pleasantly surprises them.


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an_order_of_magnitude's picture
Amen Sister. I know I have

Amen Sister. I know I have fallen short of the glory that is treating believers with the respect they deserve.

Damn it! I wrote the above and saw the hypocrisy that I am simultaneously suggesting that believers be respected and making fun of them with religious vocabulary. There is a special spot for me in hell for sure. I need help.

chefu's picture
People are different from

People are different from ideas (Treat the person with respect but not the bad logic)
Belief shouldn't be respected it should be questioned, like any idea its there to be scrutinised.

ElectricWarrior's picture
I was raised in catholicism

I was raised in catholicism but spotted the bullshit before I could articulate logical arguments against the dogma. Many of the people I knew through the church though were very nice sincere people. I'm not generally an angry person, I'm certainly not angry with a god who cannot be proved to exist, I am slightly angry that these good people dedicate themselves to an archaic moral construct when they could use their time and energies more constructively. I know many atheists none of whom I could describe as angry, mostly they are frustrated at the illogical fallacy that there must be a deity who oversees our existence.

BAACKJD's picture
I am definitely less angry.

I am definitely less angry. Anger at god is what lead me (with a lot of help from Sam Harris) to atheism. When you're told from infancy of an all powerful loving God that, given his actions, doesn't seem to love you along with many others, you tend to be pretty angry. Once I realized that this dude who seemed to be watching our suffering through a TV screen and stuffing his disgusting face with popcorn doesn't exist, well the anger melted away pretty fast.

IngrownToenail's picture
Actually I am not angry at

Actually I am not angry at all. So I can't help you on that one.


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jay-h's picture
I'm normally not angry. I don

I'm normally not angry. I don't care what silly beliefs people have as long as their religion (or for that matter, also the government) does not attempt to tell me what my opinions should be.

Sometimes I even find myself defending the religious when someone else is telling them what to believe.

Minimalist's picture
I'm not usually angry at all.

I'm not usually angry at all....until some religitard starts annoying me with his/her bullshit.

ZeffD's picture
"That sort of talk is fine

"That sort of talk is fine between us, but I grit my teeth when athiests actually say these things to Christians." (Tee C)
I especially agree with Beep. Confronting people may help as religiously motivated "beliefs" that contradict human or animal rights need to be confronted for the good of society. Challenging ideas helps, but I think insulting almost anyone is counter productive.

'Measured and proportional', 'pick your battles' and 'time and place for everything'. Just my view.

CyberLN's picture
I read these comments and

I read these comments and wonder how many have actually read this book.

ThePragmatic's picture
The book forum seems to be

The book forum seems to be used mostly as a regular forum, where people answer the title of OP. In other words, they answer the title of the books instead of discussing the content of it.

Truett's picture
Guilty as charged, CyberLN.

Guilty as charged, CyberLN. I saw the comments and piled on top.

jordankho8901's picture
in my community, if you don't

in my community, if you don't believe in god, they will say you don't deserve to be called a human being, so sad to be born here.

MCDennis's picture
Nice straw man arguments

Nice straw man arguments

Dianna Scha's picture
I wouldn't say I'm angry as

I wouldn't say I'm angry as an atheist. I'm angry as a human being watching 95%+ of the population doing the very things that harms them and others. I just don't want to talk to anyone anymore, they like what they believe and no amount of pointing out the obvious opens their eyes. Then they turn on you. Not worth the time. I think my new 'religion' is turning into misanthropy.

Hovitose's picture
I'm angry. I'm angry it took

I'm angry. I'm angry it took me so long to reject religion/a deity. I'm lucky insofar I've not been indoctrinated except religious observance at school and in such as scouts and boys brigade. As an adult I quickly described myself as agnostic. To my shame I was around age 48 years when I read Dawkins and became atheist. I'm ashamed to say that even though I've only ever really been subject to fairly dilute religion, I did doubt for a moment whether such a personal inner declaration might have consequences? How stupid was I? Anyway time passes and I get more intolerant and angry as to how any educated person can fall for such bullshit. I can understand the impact of indoctrination of children. But how does anyone not subject to this, make such an absurd choice?

Balmus Gheorghe Cristi's picture
I am happy! But sometimes I

I am happy! But sometimes I feel lonely not having a personal God to speak with......

Hovitose's picture
Lost me there? Care to

Lost me there? Care to expand?

Balmus Gheorghe Cristi's picture
I was angry all my life, I

I was angry all my life, I never believed all the God stuff. I grew up surrounded by religion, and I started to search for answers about existence. Neve found one in Religion. I was angry and I think atheists can have millions of motives to be angry living surrounded by ignorance.
My way to freedom wasn't accepting that there is no God, was getting away from all, everyone, everything.
I lost my wife this year and I feel alone because I loved her like my personal God.
Sorry for my English, not my first language.


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