Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless

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I wouldn't necessarily say we

I wouldn't necessarily say we are angry or hateful. I think it is more that, when you arbitrarily chose an ideology that is sometimes passed down through generations and your social and family life is built around it, it can be challenging to your being to hear an atheist deconstruct the nonsense. Honestly, there is no way for us to put it that will make you feel better about having wasted your life and started your children down the same path (I don't mean you personally, but rather you collectively). Religious belief is sometimes offensive to us, because we see (turn on the TV, often in real time) the damage religion (especially Abrahamic death cults) does to society. How it oppresses and retards scientific/technological growth. We could very well be at a star trek or some other science fiction level of technology if it weren't for religion. Look at all the amazing things that came out of the middle east before Wahhabi Islam, Algebra and Science. If we hadn't imprisoned Galileo and his ilk, there is no telling where we could be. Instead, we usually destroyed their life's work in between burning witches and heretics.

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I'm angry. But good post.

I'm angry. But good post.

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You know, I've been an

You know, I've been an atheist for 45 yrs. I've just started following things on the "Atheist Republic" a short time ago but I've been part of many atheist groups over the years. It never ceases to amaze me how some folks describe their life as an atheist the same as an adamantly religious person would. I'm not saying that's bad, it's just an observation. For me, after the initial joy of being free from religious fervor, things settled down and I don't think about it much. Oh sure things like politics, religious badgering of coworkers, friends and children will bring out the red in me but for the most part, my day goes along without atheism being a part of it. As most of us agree, atheism is not a conceptual religion such as Catholicism but is only the need of verifiable facts to explain those things around us. I enjoy knowledge. I like discovering new ideas and concepts that I haven't known. I don't enjoy having a conversation with someone that only wants to argue about a concept that has no facts to back it up or is only justified by negative assertions. No fun in that.


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I'm a very calm person...

I'm a very calm person... Better than angry I'd say that it makes me really sad when I think that in my country -Spain- (supposedly secular by our Constitution) Catholic Church still recieves 11 billion euros from public money every year or when I read that most people in the USA (a country that I love) still believe in Creationism.

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I would imagine I have

I would imagine I have technically been atheist all of my life, having been lucky enough to be brought up by parents who weren't overly interested in religion so never mentioned it during my nor my sister's upbringing.

My first interaction with religion was in senior school and even as a relative youngster, my first thought after an RE class was, "What a load of bollocks!".

I distinctly remember going home to speak to my parents about it, and us having a night long discussion regarding it.

To this day, I've never been an 'angry atheist' as we are believed to be! I just tend to find that when the subject is brought up I have that familiar feeling you get when your cold called.

I actually find it sad! The only time I get frustrated is with intellectual dishonesty that comes hand in hand with creationism, flat earth/geocentrism etc...

I personally feel if you have that belief, that should automatically disqualify you from any public role.

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The book is worth the read.

The book is worth the read. I'd encourage everyone who has a reaction to the title to actually read it.


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