American Food Quality 120th of 125. Steak is not steak?

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American Food Quality 120th of 125. Steak is not steak?

A really interesting video that I ran across. NOTE: It is the Atheist majority countries that are not lying to themselves? The honey you eat is not honey. Blueberries are not bilberries. If you think you have had Kobe Beef, you have probably been scammed. All this and much much more. Slip on your critical thinking cap and enjoy.

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@Cog Dude, what video???


Dude, what video???

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Videos are not videos? Peace

Videos are not videos? Peace of the banana pulp be with you...if it is really banana.

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(Sorry, Can't find the video.

(Sorry, Can't find the video.) I will post again if I run across it. It was made by 42

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Oh, so that's what 42 means!

Oh, so that's what 42 means! (The answer to life, the universe, and everything.)

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