Atheists in Bahrain??!

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Atheists in Bahrain??!

I'm an atheist from Bahrain… I have been an atheist for almost 3 years now, but I can't find people whom I can talk with about this… My family is a very religious shia family so I'm in a very hard situation… I sometimes have to pretend to pray just so that they won't be suspicious of me… I would love to find someone like me in Bahrain!

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Hi Hasan! Tough situation

Hi Hasan! Tough situation you’re in, eh?!? I’m Canadian, and due to family pressure “stayed in religion” a lot longer than I should have - and that’s with exposure to freedoms our country affords.

Protect yourself physically foremost.

Use this forum to reach out and discuss things on an emotional level...and of course, to “bounce” ideas and “reality”. Play it “smart” - only you know your circumstances and “culture”.

Look forward to reading more from you :)

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Hi hasan

Hi hasan
Im atheist and im from muharraq

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اهلا حسن انا سراج ملحد من

اهلا حسن انا سراج ملحد من البحرين من المدينة الشمالية ممكن نتواصل ؟

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ذا اكاونتي بالانستا xi66.6

ذا اكاونتي بالانستا

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Thank for your writting. That

Thank for your writting. That idea is great. But I'm sure not everyone can do it. You have to be an art lover to do it well

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Less than 0.5% of respondents

Less than 0.5% of respondents in Yemen, Jordan, and Iraq self-described as atheists in the World Values Survey, which was conducted from 2010 to 2014. Kuwait had the highest self-described atheist population in the Middle East, at 0.8%. duck life

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