Atheists, how would you explain this experience?

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Atheists, how would you explain this experience?

I was originally a Christian and I am becoming an atheist. I am 95% there, but certain experiences still hit a nerve. I was wondering how this video could be explained? Please start at 1:04
Thanks very much



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That is a video of a man

That is a video of a man saying things. That is what all religious claims are. People saying things.

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May I add "People saying

May I add "People saying ridiculous things." ?

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I would also like to add "a

I would also like to add "a pastor saying ridiculous things".

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And I will add that there is

And I will add that there is a request or command to christian to continue to spread that apparent bullshit!

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I completely agree with that.

I completely agree with that.

Christian indoctrination requires they become ministers of the faith and to infect the minds of everyone and anyone they can reach.

Unfortunately, children become the most innocent of victims as their minds are, yet, a blank slate. I recall as a child having to repeat passages over and over and over again until I could repeat it verbatim. I never understood the shit, but they dont expect you to at that age.

They just continue pounding the same shit into your head over and over again for many years and it becomes a part of you. Next thing you know, your regurgitating the same goddam crap without ever questioning it's legitimacy because it must be real, right?

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Not all Kids, I am a Kid and

Not all Kids, I am a Kid and 14 years old and I don't take up on Christian "Bullshit".

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@ pork222

@ pork222


We humans seems to have a tendency to anthropomorphize everything around us, and we have various psychological defence mechanisms we utilize: denial, dissociation, confabulation, compartmentalization, projection, repression, displacement, rationalization and so on.

With all these mechanisms in place, the question becomes:

How do you suppose a person who has a dramatic inner event, like a salvation, could differentiate an actual such event from a psychological event like a hallucination?

Spiritual Witnesses - A video showing several different people from different religions who are convinced beyond doubt that their religion is true.

A great talk by Peter Boghossian, discussing faith (37 minutes).

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Hello everyone. I am new here

Hello everyone. I am new here so go easy on me (or not :) ).
Thing is they so truly believe what they say, what they have read and been taught that there is no swaying (or saving?) them.
I mean, most of us have been there but eventually we questioned things and our rational minds broke through the veil and shattered the illusion.
I feel sorry for some of them, especially those close to me because I know sometimes the questions I pose make them think. And when they can no longer argue the point because the questions I pose are valid, I can see a deep sense of anguish come over them.
I feel horrible because I know that their heads were filled with that BS from the time they were able to talk. I think it is more difficult for them to come around to reality than we sometimes realize. I pity them really.

Now, dont get me wrong. The idiots who take to hateful, bigoted speech, etc , I have no love for them.

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Hello from Russia( well,

Hello from Russia( well, America after my recent move) Tovarich.

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@ Keihan

@ Keihan

Welcome to the forum.

"I think it is more difficult for them to come around to reality than we sometimes realize."

I think you are right.
Just like a convict can become institutionalized; they don't know what to do or where to go. They don't know anything else than their faith, and to loose that faith and all that comes with it is too scary.
It's impossible to give them an equally comforting replacement, since reality is nothing like their pipe dream. It is a subject in need of research, deliberation and some form of collected conclusion, so as to not only pose the uncomfortable questions, but at the same time be able to show them the beauty of rejecting their unwarrented faith.

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