Atheist's should fire up!

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Atheist's should fire up!

If there was a time to stop the madness it is now. We don't need a religion, but we do need people. Fortunately there are many many many closet atheists, but most are surrounded by people like lovely zombie christian who want to fight the evil atheist war. Its a war with a bully we care nothing about. So why does it matter? Because They are Winning. This article shows me that. What do you think?

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If there's anything to say

If there's anything to say for the strength of atheism, it is its infinite patience. Truth, like a temperamental child, must be cajoled. The atheist movement is age-old, and will be here longer than any religion. The atheists' ability to wait it out has served us well over the millennia of religious oppression, and it will serve us well for millennia more if necessary. With the advent of technology and scientific discovery burgeoning as it is, I don't think it will be long until religion as a whole starts kicking in its death throes. For all we know, that could be what it's doing now. My advice is to live your life like normal. Don't waste your time on the unreasonable. If approached in debate, go for it. Just don't go looking for trouble. This philosophy has served me well (with a few indiscretions), and I think it would serve everyone well. I think making atheism an evangelist movement would just garner more hatred from the theists. Moderates might adapt, but it's the fundamentalists I worry about; they're the violent ones. The last thing we want is to read in the news that users of Atheist Republic and other sites like it are being targeted in bombings and shootouts by terrorists.

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Exactly! Thats why we do

Exactly! Thats why we do nada. Because THEY are assholes. Ill save my ideas for my journal:)

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