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A chuckle

For those of you who don’t follow God on Twitter, here’s his most recent tweet:

Sarah Sanders on CBN: "“I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times and I think that he wanted Donald Trump to become president."

God @TheTweetOfGod
You're his spokeswoman, not Mine, you malignant word-hag.

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More than a chuckle there lol

More than a chuckle there lol

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Daaaaaaaaaamn! Smackdown!...

Daaaaaaaaaamn! Smackdown!... LMAO... Almost makes me want to get on Twitter. Dang-it.... Wish there was some other way to follow God.... Oh.... Wait.....

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Sarah Sanders can out lie 7

Sarah Sanders can out lie 7 billion other people any day of the week.

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'God' on FB gives me frequent

'God' on FB gives me frequent mirth...

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Scary and humorous.

Scary and humorous.

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One of my favorites from the

One of my favorites from the Tweet of God:

"Atheists who mock Me as "your imaginary friend" are wrong. I'm not your friend."

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I simply can't see any

I simply can't see any logical reason people like her lie on a daily basis other that it pays well.

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