The deathbed is the ultimate test

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I would like to think that

I would like to think that 'real christianity' would involve ensuring a peaceful exit for who ever it was that was dying, not some last minute panicked deathbed bargaining conversion which is more like a desperate application of Pascal's Wager.

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@Real Christianity? Really

@Real Christianity? Really? Did we just go there? I like the fact that you got the reference to Pascal's Wager as well. I don't think Jo even realizes the inane garbage he spews. Wouldn't all "Real Christians" be floating three inches off the floor and simply vanish in a beam of light when they died? HEY!!! I JUST REALIZED...... YODA WAS A REAL CHRISTIAN!!

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Real Christianity?

Real Christianity?
Fuck yeah, like Real Scotsmen, though Real Scotsmen just eat porridge and haggis, with their fingers. They don't sip and snack on blood and flesh like Real Christians, or feast on sacramental banana pulp like Real Chimpanzees, who do use their fingers like Real Scotsmen.

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LOL :-)

LOL :-)

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I'll probably die alone;

I'll probably die alone; having a devoutly Christian family and all... :(

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@NWG Re: "I'll probably die

@NWG Re: "I'll probably die alone; having a devoutly Christian family and all... :("

Personally, I hope I die peacefully in my sleep, just like my dearly departed grandfather. That would certainly be much better than to die screaming and yelling and terrified like the passengers in the tour bus he was driving as it went over the side of the cliff.

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@NaturalWorldGuy: Um,,,,

@NaturalWorldGuy: Um,,,, I hate to be the one to bring this to your attention..... but...... well....... ummmm......... "We all die alone."


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