Finally an atheist

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Finally an atheist

i was a buddhist by birth, but am an atheist by choice.

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I was born into a relatively

I was born into a relatively non-religious Hindu family. I don't think i was ever a theist. I don't remember ever believing in a god

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In the same light of Hindu

In the same light of Hindu-India literature, if one has read the Panini theory of human word formation then what is religion?

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I was born into a christian

I was born into a christian family, but after a while the members of my house hold became secular. I became strongly against christianity, then later all forms of religion. Though I believe the non-existence and existence of god are both equiprobable, I never accepted that a god existed that influenced my life in any way or form, I am simple open to the plausibility of but closed to the belief, worship and practices affiliated with religion/superstition.

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An Hindu born atheist....

An Hindu born atheist....

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