The Firmament

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The Firmament

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Not many around here read

Not many around here read random posted links. Read the stuff yourself and post an opinion.

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To put it another way...Wow

To put it another way...Wow what?

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I'll see your Firmament and

I'll see your Firmament and raise you an Enuma Elis (aka the Battle Between Marduk and Tiamat)

Enuma Elish

Its the much earlier Babylonian creation myth the Jews borrowed from.

Spoiler alert!
After a titanic struggle, Marduk makes the universe from the enormous carcass of the elemental Tiamat (she was one mean chaotic mother). See the summaries of tablets 5,6 & 7.

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Few people in this area read

Few people in this area read links that are posted at random. Read the material for yourself, then leave a comment.

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