Hurtful Things Christians Write and Say

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Hurtful Things Christians Write and Say

Happy Halloween. Hopefully you can see the attachment.
This is something that has been bugging me for, as you can see, a couple years. This pastor didn't respond to my two e-mails I sent expressing a desire to have a dialogue.
Do you see what I'm saying? We're being criticized by someone for something we have no control over. Atheists were not in favour of putting the 'in god we trust' on currency.
I don't know about other atheists, but I have no issue about working on Christmas Day. The only reason I wouldn't work on x-mas day is if if my place of work was closed on that day ~~and, unless one is working at Wal-Mart or a hospital, almost all are.
I've worked on x-mas day before and reaped rewards because I'm the one who got all the work, which meant more $$$ for me.
Furthermore, I can't refuse holiday pay if the company offers it. There's no way I can return the money on the premise that I'm an atheist, thus I don't believe in receiving funds for getting religious holiday pay.
Enough of that. Next topic is the 'say' part.
When I was homeless, I was an avid believer. I was promised, in this certain book, that if I tithed 10% and gave offering, I would be given more back. So even when I had just a doller, I'd make sure to give at least 15¢ that Sunday for offering.
Now that I no longer believe, I get to look back and get angry. I had so little. This means anything I gave was extreme. I got absolutely 0 in return from this supreme being.
I noted this to one white dude who CLAIMED he was agnostic This dude told me that maybe my return from god was him allowing me to live through the horrid condition of being homeless (?!?!?!)
What a jerk.
Now, he's a PWM~~lived with his parents until he was good and ready to move out, never was predjudiced against in housing or applying for a mortgage, never was refused work based on gender/race/religion/ He says junk like this all the time, not even taking into consideration that he is of the privileged class that has no reprecussions for their identity.
It's very offensive that he would say something so stupid to someone who had to go through such a horrible experience in life.
Next, one dude got mad at me when I told him I was an atheist during his attempt to prostelytize to me. This dude I knew for years. Apparently he didn't know I was an atheist. I guess he just thought I was backslidden (?) The next time he saw me, he tried to atheist-shame me in front of a singer from a local Christian Rock band. And he kept bringing up god every time we talked. Eventually he either forgot about it or decided to let it go since I never took the bait.

I'm feeling like my identity is being taken from me every time believers infringe on my existence.
Does anyone else have these things happen to them? How do you feel about it?
Thank you for reading my long-winded rant



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It's kinda difficult to call

It's kinda difficult to call anything hurtful when you are a non-believer. It all just looks like prejudicial ignorance. With that said, I do find their preaching hurtful. Hurtful to the little children they scare to death. Hurtful to adults who carry the baggage of hell around with them. Hurtful to the ignorant and poor who confuse the meals given to them by missionaries with assistance from Jesus and end up as believers. Hurtful to the people being burned as witches and hurtful to the children being killed or mutilated as demons in the world today. Hurtful to the pockets of the poor as churches squeeze every last penny out of the faithful. It can not be argued that Christians are not responsible directly and indirectly for very hurtful things in the world.

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@Quaker Re: "Hurtful Things

@Quaker Re: "Hurtful Things Christians Write and Say"

Hurtful???... How?.. Sure, they can be ANNOYING at times. They can even be pitiful every so often. Most of the time I just see their words as being amusing and ridiculous. But hurtful? Nah... Why would I find anything they say to be hurtful when I do not believe in the god from which they supposedly get their inspiration? To me, that would be about the same as my getting upset by somebody telling me, "Santa won't be bringing you any Christmas presents, because you have been a bad boy this year." About the only way that could possibly "hurt" me is if I strain too hard trying to control my laughter... *chuckle*...

Re: "I'm feeling like my identity is being taken from me every time believers infringe on my existence."

WHAT???... *perplexed look*... How the heck does somebody "infringe upon your existence" and then "take away your identity"? Especially if that somebody is a total stranger or minor acquaintance. Not meaning to sound rude, but do you honestly have that little control over your own mental facilities? Hate to be the one to tell you this, but unless you live in a remote cave far away from any civilization, there will always be people trying to push their own thoughts/beliefs/agendas on you. It is almost unavoidable. So you can either be your OWN person and control your own thoughts, or you can just flop over and allow anybody and everybody to manipulate you in whatever way they choose. That is called a choice, and it is totally up to you which option you prefer to choose.

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I agree. Culture has become

I agree. Culture has become so centered offense that any critical discussion (not to mention comedy) is off the table. Just as the world has moved away from blasphemy laws, those laws are being replaced by hate speech rules which are actually FAR more oppressive.

Children are being raised to believe that any criticism is 'bullying', they're taught to 'be yourself' and that everyone is obligated to like that 'self'. This ignores the fact that human social development is a learning process where we as children need to learn through experience not to be jerks.

Not everyone will like you, and you are not obligated to like everyone. Don't worry about what they believe. That's a free society.

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QuakerMaid, I understand how

QuakerMaid, I understand how words can feel like weapons, particularly if you’re feeling fragile.

Do you think, though, that they are actually making statements about you? Perhaps what’s really happening is that they are making statements about themselves...their doubts, their fears, their thoughts. They just aim them at you. If you hang onto this as the more likely scenario, you will be able to view them and their words with a new set of eyes and ears.

As a former theist, you understand the grip religion can have on someone. Remember this the next time someone chides you for your ability to think and will grow to have sympathy rather than feeling attacked.

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Hurtful? I don't give them

Hurtful? I don't give them that power.

These days, I'm rarely even really annoyed. That only happens if they or anyone else get in my face after being told "no" . THEN it is I who can be hurtful.

I respect everyone until they give me a reason not to. I truly do not care about the superstitions of others. I do feel sorry for the suffering of children because I suffered as a child in a Catholic house.

I do not have the arrogance to assumeI know better . If people are not breaking the law, none of my business how they rear their children

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Christians can’t hurt me... I

Christians can’t hurt me... I don’t value their opinion because they are ignorant. I’m going to go to hell? Good!
One thing that I do not tolerate is how religious people use their beliefs to say awful things towards LBGTI people... it amazes me that they think that’s acceptable.

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@Treehugger17: I fully

@Treehugger17: I fully understand that you do not like it. I want you to understand that they do the same shit to straight people., I can not count the number of times I have heard them calling out a girl from the crowd of passers by to tell her that she is dressed like a whore. Men who pass by and appear to be having too much fun are accused of drinking and fornicating. Everyone and anyone who is not a Christian is a filthy sinner and going to hell. You are 100% justified in your dislike of their message. However; I want to caution you in your anger. Please remember that their freedom of speech is also our freedom of speech. If they are putting someone down for being a member of the LGBT community, it just makes them look ignorant. It is acceptable. Speech you do not like is acceptable. Putting limits on their freedom of speech would also limit my ability to call them narrow-minded bigoted assholes. They do get to insult and we do get to respond.

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My life is mine to make, as

My life is mine to make, as well as my opinions and decisions. Of course I take others into consideration, but I do not live for them (with the exception of my wife and one very spoiled dog). I do not listen to idiots.

But QuakerMaid, never stop telling yourself you have broken the shackles of religion. And it is a lot less painful standing on the outside than being a member. This is one thing we often fail to recognize, that religion is at it's most cruel to it's believers. You may receive the odd negative bit of crap from idiots, but to be a true believer, you must sit in an awkward bench seat surrounded by other fools, listening to some child molester rant on in how you are worthless scum and deserve to be in hell. And then he asks you for a hand-out.

Although I am open to anyone who asks, I keep my atheism to myself. And if I do receive nonsense from some idiot, I take one of two paths. I just ignore it (usually the best action) or I mention that their hurtful words are not in keeping with the message of jesus.

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I find that atheists don't

I find that atheists don't always respond to posts like these with much feeling. What? Why would you be hurt? Some here forget that even though we are all non believers, we are all still subjected to being hurt by anyone else, regardless of a belief or lack there of. Being an atheist does not mean you are a robot, or have to abandon your true feelings.

I have been hurt by christians, and so have many who maybe are too proud to admit it. I am happier than I used to be as I am engaged to a wonderful woman who shares my dis-belief in god. I don't come here as much as I used to, but thought I would check in as it has been awhile.

My former roommate has recently been letting me know all the good things that have been happening to her since she has moved out. She has been given brand new furniture, has someone to take care of her lawn and snow removal. Has been given money and had people pay for her meals at restaurants, etc. I reminded her how lucky she is, and she reminded me how ,"Blessed", she is as she does not believe in luck, well I do. You either have it or you don't!

Of course she has moved away from the bad ole devil worshipper they all call me, as I wear my beliefs on my sleeve. I say , Fuck them, Fuck her! However things said can still bother or hurt you, as you are only human.

christians do hold responsibility for many atrocities, hurtful statements, trump, the environment, a poor economy, hate crimes and of course misinformation about why we are here!

Allow yourself to be who you are, but also make sure you say to yourself that you are a better person for not believing in their bullshit!

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