I need disprove of Islam

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Muhammed flew on a winged

Muhammed flew on a winged horse...

Unless your irretrievably stupid, that should be enough to put anyone off the scent of that particular theological point of view.

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@RandomHero1982 What is it

@RandomHero1982 What is it with religious myths and flying horses?!

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I maintain its euphemistic

@Rohan - I maintain its euphemistic lol

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I'm a Christian but consider

I'm a Christian but consider myself an ally to atheists, specifically humanists, in many respects (humanists typically support free speech, democracy, freedom, rights for the oppressed, and you usually don't care if people are religious unless they're denying science and trying to kill you).

The following channel is a Christian, but he is brutal toward Islam. https://www.youtube.com/user/Acts17Apologetics

A lot of his online allies like Apostate Prophet and Abdullah Sameer are atheists as well. Have fun.


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