Mohammed had the prowess of 30 men!

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Mohammed had the prowess of 30 men!


Narrated Qatada:
Anas bin Malik said, "The Prophet used to visit all his wives in a round, during the day and night and they were eleven in number." I asked Anas, "Had the Prophet the strength for it?" Anas replied, "We used to say that the Prophet was given the strength of thirty (men)." And Sa'id said on the authority of Qatada that Anas had told him about nine wives only (not eleven). (Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 5, Number 268)

OK there is a debate as to whether there was 11 or 9 wives that Mohammed could service in once day, not including his girlfriends and salves. Is it possible to do so many girls when you are in your forties? Viagra had not been invented. Can you imagine the smell?

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Why bother investigating a

Why bother investigating a fable? It is all bullshit from top to bottom.

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@David Killens

@David Killens

"Why bother investigating a fable? It is all bullshit from top to bottom."

I don't know about that. Why I can attend to multiple salves in one day and still have the evening off.

I've never been really interested in the Prophet's flying horse. I've always lusted over Robert Heinlein's Gay Deceiver in" Number Of The Beast" .

---a sentient ,time travelling, space and earth craft . Not sure if she can also jump between dimensions.

But, I hear you say, that's fiction, fantasy.

To that I reply :"----and your point is?"


Speaking of fantasy. OT: The Mormons once taught there were people living on the Moon and on the Sun . They soon returned to reality and now teach every Mormon gets his very own planet, as its god. Apparently Jesus was just one of these planetary gods. Well, that's as rational as anything in the bible-------

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I think the 11 or 9 referred

I think the 11 or 9 referred to age of the "wives" not the quantity.

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We have egotistical sex

We have egotistical sex addicts in the world today, where's the prowess? I bartender when I was younger. Trust me, Muhammad did absolutely nothing that I didn't do. No prowess at all. Just a horn-dog sexualizing women. If you are young and horny and able to masturbate ten times a day, you are able to have sex with a willing participant (or in the case of Muhammad, a participant whose will does not matter). Half the male population under the age of 25 would regard Muhammad's "prowess" as a challenge, and if there were records, his record would have been trashed a thousand times by now. NOTHING REMARKABLE HERE.

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We know for a fact that

We know for a fact that Muhammad did not service Asherah for the first few years. Instead he forced Asherah, and groomed her, to service him through thighing.


It's likely that Muhammad never "serviced" anyone. Muhammad simply serviced himself and left all the women in his life lacking;

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There are politician's lies,

There are politician's lies, car salesman's lies, government statistics, and fisherman's lies, but far beyond all these are the lies that men tell about sex, including the size of their dicks and the number of women they've fucked and how often. And when you put men's sex lies into a religious context, you get the Mount Everest/asteroid impact/mega-volcano/tyrannosaurus of lies.

The promise of Islam is infinite male potency and the opportunity to turn women and girls into sex slaves. It sounds like a pop-up ad from an Internet porn site.

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"We know for a fact that Muhammad did not service Asherah* for the first few years. Instead he forced Asherah, and groomed her, to service him through thighing."


My understanding is that the wholly prophet was betrothed to Aisha** when she was 5, and he consummated the union when she was 9. ONLY had interfemoral sex? So what , he still had sex with a child. That still makes him a pedophile and child molestor.

In any case, nobody reporting that event was actually there as far as I know. OF course later chroniclers portrayed Muhammad in the best possible light. The mind boggles at imagining how he may really have behaved.

*Asherah is the name of YHWH's wife, when he was still a minor tribal god***. [of the people who eventually became the Jews. }

My reference:

The Wikipedia entry is worth reading, but the book is better.

"Did God Have a Wife?: Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel, (Eerdmans, ISBN 0-8028-2852-3, 2005),[1] is a book by Syro-Palestinian archaeologist William G. Dever, Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Archeology and Anthropology at the University of Arizona. Did God Have a Wife? was intended as a popular work making available to the general public the evidence long known to archaeologists regarding ancient Israelite religion: namely that the Israelite god of antiquity (before 600 BCE), Yahweh, had a consort, that her name was Asherah, and that she was part of the Canaanite pantheon. "

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cranky47: "Thighing"

cranky47: "Thighing"
"After the permanent committee for the scientific research and fatwahs (religious decrees) reviewed the question presented to the grand Mufti Abu Abdullah Muhammad Al-Shemary, the question forwarded to the committee by the grand scholar of the committee with reference number 1809 issued on 3/8/1421 (Islamic calendar). The inquirer asked the following:

It has become wide spread these days, and especially during weddings, the habit of mufa’khathat of the children (mufa’khathat literally translated means "placing between the thighs" which means placing the male member between the thighs of a child). What is the opinion of scholars knowing full well that the prophet, the peace and prayer of Allah be upon him, also practiced the "thighing" of Aisha - the mother of believers - may Allah be please with her.

After the committee studied the issue, they gave the following reply:

It has not been the practice of the Muslims throughout the centuries to resort to this unlawful practice that has come to our countries from pornographic movies that the kufar (infidels) and enemies of Islam send. As for the prophet, peace and prayer of Allah be upon him, thighing his fiancée Aisha. She was six years of age and he could not have intercourse with her due to her small age. That is why [the prophet] peace and prayer of Allah be upon him placed his [male] member between her thighs and massaged it softly, as the apostle of Allah had control of his [male] member not like other believers.[9][10]"

I've seen the same quote in many locations. Just happened to find it quoted here.

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Well I had the prowess of 31

Well I had the prowess of 31 men when I was ~18.

Can I call myself a prophet and have books written for me, for great and fantastical stories about me, that people still have wars over, 1500 years later?

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In the beginning there was LOGIC and LOGIC was the beginning.

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So... not only a war

So... not only a war mongering, child molester... but also a sex mad lunatic....

Why the fuck do you worship a complete tosspot like that?

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