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Regular Members Please Report To Atheist Hub

*microphone feedback squeal*….*tap-tap-tap*…. Testing… Testing. One. Two. Three… Testing….*tap-tap-tap*… Is this thing on?.....*LOUD feedback squeal*…. Ow, shit!... *quickly turning down volume*… Phuh-phuh-phuh… Testing… *tap-tap-tap*… Okay, that’s good now…

Attention! Attention in the forum!... Hello, everyone! May I have your attention, please? Thank you. Yes, just gather around. Come on in, everybody. Plenty of room. Nyar and Cyber, good to see you two. Hey there, Algebe. Arakish, we have a seat for you over here. Uh, will somebody please get Q away from the food table? … Thanks. Hey, has anybody seen Jared lately? Is he here yet? Old Man, just park your tricycle in the corner there…. Great. Hey there, Sushi!...*waving excitedly*… Dio… Cog… Would you two mind hanging by the door? Don’t want any “unauthorized personnel* busting in. Alembe and Watchman. Glad you could make it. Good to see you, too, Chimp. Is that Greensnake and Grinseed with you?... Cool. Let’s seeee… Is that everybody?…. Oh, naturally. TheLargerBowl, David, and ZeffD come straggling in at the last minute. Hey, guys! Glad you made it. Okay, sooo… I’m gonna go ahead and get started. Just have a bit of good news I have been asked to share with our little AR family. And please feel free to pass the word along to those who may not be here yet. So, without further ado….

Ladies and gentlemen, as many of you may have noticed, there have been a couple of our esteemed members who have been considerably absent during the last couple of months, making only a brief post rather randomly here and there. Now, I know there are a couple of you out there who can probably guess at what I am about to announce, as you are already familiar with the two individuals and their situation….*smiling and nodding at Nyar and Old Man*… And I don’t know about you two, but I have known about this for several weeks, and I confess it has been difficult for me to keep the secret. Fortunately, today is the day I can finally share the wonderful news with all of our friends here on the site. It’s a good thing, too, because I was about to start busting rivets trying to keep from blabbing about it to everybody.

Okay, so, the first person of interest is that calm, cool, and collected American-grown intellectual whiz-kid we all know as Aposteriori Unum. That’s right folks, that Sam Harris wanna-be look-alike who slashes through theist fallacies like Obi Wan’s light saber through warm butter. With his unflappable reasoning and matter-of-fact attitude, our mighty Apost is a beacon of logic and rationality to all who read his words. That being said, he’s also a pretty good dude who has a hidden “mushy” side he desperately tries to keep concealed. Well, sorry, my man, but today you get revealed. *mischievous grin* That brings us to our next person of interest in this announcement. (Hmmm…. I think I see light bulbs starting to light up over a few heads out there. *chuckle*)…

Ahhh… Enter now our lovely and cerebrally gifted Senorita Flamenca. She came to us from one of our great European nations and freely shared her personal ideas and unique perspectives with us all. Her human kindness and rapier wit have surly been missed out on the debate field the last few months. I can assure you, however, the reason for her absence is most certainly justified, as you are about to discover.

And, now, the moment you have all been waiting for, it is with a very happy heart and great satisfaction that I have been given the honor and privilege to announce the wonderful news that Mr. Aposteriori Unum and Senorita Flamenca are officially engaged to be married!... *cupping hand to ear to hear a question yelled over the applause*… Yes, Q, to each other! Okay, so as badly as I may want to indulge in providing details, I will refrain from doing so to allow the happy couple to answer your questions themselves. And on that note, I will now step down so that everybody can begin bombarding them with all sorts of intrusive and intimate inquiries. *snicker* Apost and Flame, the microphone is all yours!

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Congratulations to

Congratulations to Aposteriori Unum and Flamenca. I wish you every happiness.

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I will go online and get my

I will go online and get my $50 minister certificate if they let me marry them. It should only take a few weeks.

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Gracias Algebe. You know..

Gracias Algebe. You know...god works in mysterious ways. Letting those atheists have good lives and all that. Haha. Yeah right, if there wad a god he'd most definitely try to keep is apart. We're dangerous. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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That's lovely news! :-D

That's lovely news! :-D
Congratulations Apost and Flamenca! Yay!

Edit: PS: and I do want to know all the details, the how and the whens, but I'm not nosey enough to ask. I hate it that we're too far apart for a hen's night, Flame!

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Gracias Sushi. That explains

Gracias Sushi. That explains a few things, doesn't it? I remember you had posted one day about flamenca and it sounded like you missed her. Sorry, my fault. Haha.

As you can probably imagine, most of my time had been dedicated to her in these past few months. But I most definitely did not forget about the forum. This is where it all began after all. We're definitely not going to forget about this.

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Congratulations and best

Congratulations and best wishes to you, Aposteriori Unum and Flamenca. May you always be as in love with each other as you are now and may it grow with each passing day. You can make it if you work together in all things both big and small.

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*Facepalming*Blushing*Laughing*Facepalming again*. What the freak you guys? Hahaha Tin-Man!

Yes, well, this guy Aposteriori, you all know him, can be very persuasive... He contacted me via private message in the forum around 8 months ago because he wanted people from the forum to debate with... And here we are today...

Nothing would make me happier than a hen's night with my atheist friends from the forum, @Sushi.

This place changed our lives forever, as you can imagine.

Thank you all for your kind words. What AR unites, let no human or god separate.

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Pretty lyrics, Apost. Mighty

Pretty lyrics, Apost. Mighty pretty lyrics.

Aposteriori unum's picture
That's my Australian

That's my Australian influence. Pwd is amazing. Even flamenca likes them.

Aposteriori unum's picture
A special thanks goes out to

A special thanks goes out to Nyarlathotep for his patience and support during this period. Should we form the new four horsemen of atheism you shall be the pale horse. (Sorry tin man, but it's only a color) thanks again for being a good friend. I hope to continue our discussion about GR in the future.

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@Nyar and @Tin-Man have been

@Nyar and @Tin-Man have been very patient and amazing friends. Thanks to both of you.

@Sushi, beautiful song indeed.

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Awesome news.

Awesome news.

Tin-Man's picture


*face palming*...*embarrassed*... Hey, man. Really sorry I didn't call your name. Were you hiding back there behind Q or something? My apologies.

mickron88's picture
" behind Q or something? "

" behind Q or something? "

heeyyyyy...i'm not that fat, i'm big but not fat... there's a difference there T-man, *raising eyebrow & nodding*

you didn't notice chimp3 there don't you t-man??

Tin-Man's picture
Aaaaaand I just remembered.

Aaaaaand I just remembered. Hey, Sheldon! Where the hell were you hiding? Oh, let me guess... You fell off the back of Old Man's tricycle when he took that one turn too sharp?... Figures. You really should hold on tighter, especially when he's had a bit too much wine. Put a bandaid on those scrapes. You'll be fine.

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Aposteriori Unum AND Flamenca

Aposteriori Unum AND Flamenca

Congratulations. May you have many more years of happiness than I have had.

And may the only thing that comes between y'all is the love of life's greatest treasures: Children.

Hopefully, this is a deadly combination. Especially for the theists.


mickron88's picture
"Yes, Q, to each other!"

"Yes, Q, to each other!"

wow!!!...this is first time in the history of indeed, *munching finger foods*...*nom..nom..nom*

congrats to the both of i know what you did last few months apo!!! ehhh....*shoving my arms to apo & winking*
i know we don't talk that much here miss flamenca!! but i'm glad that you both got along really smooth and now getting married..\
congratulation again to the both of you...

"will somebody please get Q away from the food table?"
too late t-man, but i already ate your part...*nom..nom..nom..*

hey apo, perhaps you might want me to be the wedding singer on your wedding day?..heheh..we can both come t-man, you can play the guitar for me, we can do duet for them..hahah...

Tin-Man's picture
@Q Re: "we can do duet for

@Q Re: "we can do duet for them."

Well, unless you enjoy the soothing sounds of cats being strangled, you definitely Do Not want to hear me sing. lol

Re: "too late t-man, but i already ate your part...*nom..nom..nom..*"

Ha! I planned ahead knowing you would do that. I brought extra! Nanny-nanny-nah-nah!...*sticking out tongue*... *munching on mini-sandwich*

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Congrats! How lovely for you

Congrats! How lovely for you to have found each other! Very happy for both of you!

Let me know if you don’t have a grammy available to make you a wedding quilt. :-)

Flamenca's picture
unless you enjoy the soothing

unless you enjoy the soothing sounds of cats being strangled haha.

Thank you, Sapporo, Quasi, Arakish, Cyber. Unfortunately, and thanks to immigration laws I'm back in Spain now, but I hope I can come back to America at the end of the summer or fall. I hope people who live in MO, IL, OH, NC, etc. could gather in TN or KY for an AR party and this could be an excuse. Yay!

A quilt? Awesome!

Aposteriori unum's picture
It's quite the remarkable

It's quite the remarkable tale. The intention was to work together as a team of anti theists and become the best possible debaters et al, but it turned into a friendship and, ultimately a wonderful relationship. Flamenca is a fantastic person in every way. Her visit in America turned out to be a truly remarkable episode indeed. A match made in heaven (haha). I now have a Spanish flag on my wall above my (our) bed.

And for those of you who missed us in the debate forum, worry not, we shall return to the fray. And I hope this news is sufficient justification for our absence. It's just kind of hard to think about philosophical questions et cetera when you are face to face with the love of your life. But of course we haven't forgot about AR... for without it this would not have happened. Here's a cool little song... atheist love song. ( in case the libk doesn't work it's "Sure As Hell Not Jesus" by Cosmo Jarvis )

Thanks for breaking the news Tin Man. Couldn't have done it better myself.

Tin-Man's picture


It was truly a pleasure and an honor, my friend.

Old man shouts at clouds's picture
At last I've been on

At last, I've been on tenterhooks waiting for the formal announcement
"Oi you, bring those canapes and red wine here" *digs TM in the carapace where people have ribs* *sarcastically* "Nice speech ya galah, I've heard better from a drunk brumby after the footy, mate" "Nah, serious well done Clanker" *drinks wines and reaches for more..."nice do"

All the happiness to you both Flamenca and AU, I hope all the trials and tribulations of the various immigrations fail in the face of your unquenchable love and staunch defence of each other. Fanging to see the next misguided theist take you two on in the frenchies say "FORMIDABLE!"...I will happily swill the blood and remnants from the floor of the chamber.

David Killens's picture
I wish to extend my sincere

I wish to extend my sincere congratulations and that Flamenca and Aposteriori Unum enjoy a full life of happiness.

Aposteriori unum's picture
Estamos Viviendo un sueño.

Estamos Viviendo un sueño. For real. Thanks for your words Sir Killens. We'll keep everyone updated on events as they transpire. My trip to Spain and her trip back to USA, for instance. And of course, the big day... which can't come soon enough....

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
I know I'm not allowed here

I know I'm not allowed here lol, but that's pretty awesome! Flamenca was one of my favorite members to speak to back when she was more active; and Aposteriori has helped me in private with projects that I've had. This is a great intellectual match as far as I can tell, and a story deserving of its own book, so congrats.

*Breezy leaves before Cyber finds out*

Aposteriori unum's picture
Well, thanks Breezy...

Well, thanks Breezy... unexpected, but cool.

Now get out of here before you get banned!

Tin-Man's picture


No problem, big guy. Pretty sure we can make an exception for you on this one. *grin* Thanks for taking the risk and chiming in. *thumbs up*

Sushisnake's picture
John was only here because we

John was only here because we invited him, Cyber. Really! He had one drink, kissed Flamenca on the cheek, shook Apost's hand, then he left- I swear it! Didn't he, guys?

*everybody nods*


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